"Hey darlin', gal like you can have any man you want. Why'd you marry that little dude? He loaded?"
"He's not my husband, I took him from his bride earlier today, I needed him to provide safe passage."
"You in trouble? Cause if you need a place to lay low for a while, this is as good as any."
―Rooster and Lorelei[src]

Duane, better known as Rooster, is the Road Captain of the Dogs of Hell in Nevada. When he came into contact with Lorelei, Rooster became obsessed by her power and dedicated his life to her, being forced to murder his own wife and fight against Sif and S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect Lorelei.


Meeting Lorelei

"You have men? You are their leader?"
"Last time I checked, yeah."
"You and your men now serve me."
Lorelei and Rooster[src]

Rooster was with his fellow Dogs of Hell bikers at Rosie's Desert Oasis in Nevada, when he met the Asgardian woman named Lorelei. Lorelei had arrived on Earth and taken newlywed Jimmy Mackenzie under her thrall. When Lorelei and Mackenzie arrived at Rosie's, Rooster struck up a conversation with the beautiful Lorelei. Rooster revealed to Lorelei that he was the leader of the men present. Lorelei, seeing an opportunity to increase the number of men under her control, disposed of Mackenzie and in turn enthralled Rooster and his men.

As Rooster attempted to please Lorelei with stolen money, Rosie, the bar's owner and his wife, approached him as to why he would not return her calls. Rooster then belittled his wife due to Lorelei's enchantment. As the two continued to quarrel, Lorelei told Rooster to silence his wife, prompting him to choke her to death.

Fighting S.H.I.E.L.D.

"Look, I'm sure you're a reasonable guy... Rooster. Rooster. Really?"
Grant Ward to Rooster[src]

As SifS.H.I.E.L.D., and the Nevada Highway Patrol battled outside the bar, Rooster was reminded by Lorelei that he swore to defend her. He then fought and was knocked unconscious by Grant Ward.[1]



  • Rosie † - Wife and Victim 




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