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"Do you know how many people he killed? The trail of blood that follows him, it could wrap around the entire world."
"Okay. Wow. That was very Russian. He's still an Avenger."
"What does that word even mean? Huh? That it holds so much power. You call him a hero no matter what he does?"
Yelena Belova and Kate Bishop

Ronin is the fifth episode of the first season of Hawkeye.


A fallout nearly derails their partnership, but Kate makes a discovery that changes everything.


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In 2018, Yelena Belova continues to free fellow Black Widows from Dreykov's influence. Belova and Sonya ambush Ana, utilizing the Red Dust on her, but they find out she is not under the control. The three sit down to discuss Belova's campaign to liberate the Widows from Dreykov, but when she excuses herself to the bathroom, she Blips. Finding that she had missed five years of her life, she attempts to find her sister Natasha Romanoff, unaware of her fate at the time.

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In the present day, Kate Bishop returns to her penthouse after Clint Barton calls off their partnership, which left her very upset. Eleanor Bishop reunites with her daughter and tends to her wounds, all the while encouraging her to continue moving forward despite the various impediments. Bishop informs her mother about her and Barton's findings into Jack Duquesne's criminal endeavours and gets her to look into it. She then returns to her charred and leaking apartment, where she finds Belova inside and reluctantly agrees to sit down for a chat. Belova informs her about her assignment to kill Barton for his role in Romanoff's death.

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Since Bishop holds the Avenger in high esteem despite having known him for a week, Belova lectures her on what truly defines a person, as Barton's entire repertoire is vanquishing various individuals across the globe. She then attempts to ask Bishop on Barton's whereabouts, only to find she is also in the dark. Warning her not to interfere again, Belova leaves the apartment. Elsewhere, Kazi Kazimierczak tends to Maya Lopez's wounds. He warns her not to give in to her rage and vows to help her kill Ronin. Barton visits Grills's residence and drops off Lucky, while Grills offers for him to stay in the apartment for Christmas.

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The next day, Duquesne is handed over to police custody once Eleanor uncovers fraudulent tax records of Sloan Limited. Bishop tries to contact Barton about Belova, but maxes out the voicemail inbox. Barton visits a memorial for the Battle of New York and reaches out to Romanoff, apologizing to her as he announces he'll resume activity as Ronin. He sends a message to the Tracksuit Mafia addressed to Lopez, commanding her to revisit the auto shop where she first met Ronin. Laura Barton contacts her husband and learns of the increasingly dire situations for the family. To avoid "the big guy" from getting involved, she tells him to do what he knows best and encourages him to settle his matters tonight.

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Retrieving his Ronin attire and sword, Barton stealthily ambushes the Tracksuits at the auto shop. Clashing with Lopez, he manages to overpower and hold her at swordpoint. Barton unmasks himself for Lopez to see and warns her not to chase his family any further. He also informs her that he was led to the auto shop those years ago thanks to a tip from an informant who is under the employment of Lopez's boss, who wanted her father dead. Unconvinced, Lopez knocks Barton aside and grabs his sword, but before she can do anything, she is disarmed by Bishop, who had located him by tracking his phone. Barton escapes and reunites with Bishop, learning from her about Belova's arrival in New York.


Meanwhile, Lopez meets with Kazimierczak and attempts to interrogate him about why he didn't attend a meeting the night of Ronin's assault, but finds nothing substantial. As Barton and Bishop return to Grills' apartment, Belova follows Eleanor as she heads into a building. Discovering that Eleanor was the one who hired her, she relays this information to Kate along with an image of her talking to an individual in a white suit-- Barton immediately recognizes the figure as the man he had feared most: Kingpin.


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Black Widow Theme Lorne Balfe Opening Scene
Cello Sonata in C major, G.6 Fedor Amosov & Jen-Ru Su
Christmas Time is Here Vince Guaraldi Trio
Themes from Avengers: Endgame Alan Silvestri
Letter to Santa Chuck Hess
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Backdoor Santa Clarence Carter
December the 24th King Juju
Joy to the World
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  • The episode officially reintroduces Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Along with Charlie Cox, this marks two instances where actors who portrayed characters from the Netflix series officially reprised their roles in Marvel Studios productions in the same week.
  • While searching for an item for Kate Bishop to throw at Yelena Belova in the apartment set, Florence Pugh found a bottle of hot sauce, and being a fan of this seasoning, decided to work it into the scene by spraying hot sauce on the macaroni she would eat on camera. Another improvisation based on the scenery was Belova scolding Bishop for her lack of cutlery.[1]


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