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"The person that wore this suit made a whole lot of enemies."
Clint Barton to Kate Bishop[src]

Ronin's Suit was a suit worn by Clint Barton during his days as the crusading vigilante Ronin. After returning to Avengers, Barton left the suit at the Avengers Compound. It was later retrieved from the Compound's ruins and placed for sale on a black market auction, where it was stolen and donned by Kate Bishop and Grills before Barton reclaimed it. After briefly wearing the suit once more to fight Maya Lopez, Barton burned the suit to prevent it from resurfacing.


Ronin's Campaign

Clint Barton wears the Ronin suit in Japan

In 2018, following the Snap, Clint Barton acquired the Ronin suit and sword in order to disguise himself as he traveled the world in search of criminals. For five years, Barton wore the suit and massacred any criminals that had survived the Snap as he deemed them unworthy.

In 2023, Barton traveled to Tokyo, Japan and massacred the Yakuza unit stationed there. He then confronted their leader, Akihiko, in the street. As they dueled, Barton got the upper hand and brutally killed him using his sword. Immediately after, he was found by Natasha Romanoff.[1]

Attack on the Avengers Compound

Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff left Japan and traveled via Quinjet to the Avengers Compound in New York. After arriving, Barton set aside the Ronin suit, as he no longer needed it. Later, when an alternate timeline version of Thanos and his alien army arrived in his alternate warship, they bombed the Compound. The suit remained intact despite the explosions and was left in the Compound's ruins.[1]

Stolen by Kate Bishop

The suit being sold at the auction

"Up next we have Lot Number three zero nine. The companion piece, the Ronin suit."

By December 2024, the Ronin suit was recovered from the Avengers Compound's ruins by black market dealers. In December, it was brought to New York City and taken to be bid upon during an auction in a hotel cellar. Armand Duquesne III and his nephew, Jack Duquesne both bid upon the suit, with Duquesne bidding higher than his uncle.[2]

The suit being worn by Kate Bishop

However, the auction was interrupted when the Tracksuit Mafia broke inside. During the ensuing chaos, Kate Bishop ran into the room and retrieved the suit. She quickly put the suit on and attempted to fight off the Mafia. After the Mafia stole a wristwatch, she chased after them outside and found Lucky attacking one of the Mafia. When the rest of the Mafia came outside, Lucky ran away into the street. Bishop watched and ran after him, rescuing him from the ongoing traffic. She then proceeded to take him to her apartment and went back out to Duquesne III's brownstone in order to investigate more about him, but ended up finding him dead. When she left, she was ambushed by the Mafia, and tried to defeat them. However, she was quickly outnumbered, but was saved when Clint Barton arrived.[2]

Roleplayer's Experience

The suit burning inside of the apartment

"People always like 'Grills, when you gettin' a new costume? Your costume looks pretty bad.' Well, how about now? You see me? When you see me sneakin' and creepin', it's too late. You're already dead. Ninja style."

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop returned to her apartment and she took off the suit, getting changed. When Barton asked her where she had gone in the suit, the Tracksuit Mafia arrived outside and threw a Molotov cocktail through a window. A fire then started, causing Bishop, Barton, and Lucky to escape the apartment, accidentally leaving the suit behind. Shortly, the FDNY arrived to put out the fire, and one of the firefighers named Grills found the suit and took it for his personal use.

The suit being worn by Gilbert

Later, when Barton returned to the apartment to retrieve the suit, he found it was gone. After finding out via social media who had the suit, Barton went to the NYC Larpers in Central Park and met Gilbert. After allowing Gilbert to win, Barton was given the suit back.[3]

In Storage

"How's the problematic wardrobe?"
"Yeah, safe. I need to hang onto it for insurance."
Laura Barton and Clint Barton[src]

Clint Barton took the suit to a locker room and placed it in a locker for safe-keeping, knowing he needed to keep it under his radar for insurance purposes.[3]

Final Usage

Clint Barton donned the suit one final time to meet with Maya Lopez at Fat Man Auto Repair, the place, where he as Ronin, had slain her father as well as several other Tracksuits. Barton knocked out Kazi Kazimierczak and several other Tracksuits before clashing with Lopez, ultimately beating her. He then unmasked, revealing his identity and warned Lopez not to threaten his family, as well as telling her that her boss was the one who gave him the anonymous tip off to the Tracksuits meeting, that led to her father's death.[4]


"I figured you'd like to help me end what you started."
Clint Barton to Kate Bishop[src]

Clint Barton bought the suit back with him to his homestead on Christmas Day, and after spending time with his family, took it outside and placed it, folded up, on his cooker. Inviting Kate Bishop to join him in finally putting the dark past of the Ronin behind him, Barton doused the suit in petrol before allowing Bishop to light a match and drop it onto the suit. The suit sparked and burst ablaze.[5]


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