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"This sword belonged to the infamous Ronin."
―Black Market Auctioneer[src]

Ronin's Retractable Sword is a sword used by Clint Barton during his time as Ronin to assassinate criminals who had survived the Snap. Following his return to the Avengers, Barton used the sword to fight against Thanos' army during the Battle of Earth. The sword was then left behind in the ruins of the Avengers Compound following the battle.

It was later recovered and sold to Armand Duquesne III during a black market auction. Following an attack on the auction moments later, the sword was stolen by Jack Duquesne. After visiting the Bishop Residence, Barton surreptitiously reacquired the sword from Duquesne.


Ronin's Campaign

Ronin dueling against Akihiko in Tokyo

Deciding to enact vengeance on criminals who survived the Snap when innocent people had died, Clint Barton adopted the moniker of Ronin, donning a samurai-inspired guise and wielding a sword. For five years, Ronin went all over the world, tracking down criminals and massacring them, leaving horrendous scenes with his sword.

Ronin cleans Akihiko's blood from the sword

In 2023, Ronin made his way to Tokyo to eliminate a Yakuza faction led by Akihiko. With great ease, Ronin cut through multiple enemies, despite them firing rapidly at him. Ronin then made his way to Akihiko, causing the two to end up on the streets. The two then began to duel, although Ronin managed to get the upper hand on him, slitting his throat. Akihiko then begged for mercy, but Ronin finished him off by fatally impaling him and then wiped the blood off his sword.[1]

Time Heist

Hawkeye draws his sword at Red Skull

When Hawkeye and Black Widow traveled through time to Vormir of an alternate 2014, Barton equipped himself with his sword. When the two made their way to the top of the mountain, they were alerted by the presence of Red Skull, causing Hawkeye to draw out his sword. However, Red Skull posed no physical threat, so the two holstered their weapons.[1]

Battle of Earth

Hawkeye slices an Outrider in half

When the Avengers Compound was destroyed, Hawkeye found himself in the underground tunnels, along with a horde of Outriders. After Hawkeye set off some explosive arrows to defeat the Outriders, he found himself unsuccessful, causing him to retreat upwards with his Wristbow. As he went upwards out of the tunnels, several Outriders continued to chase him, causing him to draw out his sword and slice all the incoming Outriders as he made his way to the top.

Hawkeye protecting the Nano Gauntlet

Later when Hawkeye was running through the battle protecting the Nano Gauntlet, he was surrounded by several forces of alternate Thanos' army. Hawkeye continued to charge through, fighting off the aliens with his sword, as he was only able to use one hand. After the battle was over, Barton, feeling he didn't need the sword anymore, left it behind.[1]

Robbery of the Black Market Auction

The sword being sold on the black market

The sword was recovered from the ruins of the Avengers Compound and auctioned on the black market. In December of that year, Armand Duquesne III placed a bid on the sword, but was outbid by Jack Duquesne. Armand III eventually won the bidding war, but the auction was interrupted by the arrival of the Tracksuit Mafia. In the chaos, Duquesne stole the sword and fled from the auction.[2]

Reclaimed by Clint Barton

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The sword's retractable function

Ronin's sword displays a unique construction, similarly towards a modern sword appearance. However, the sword does not have a fuller or back bevel. The entire back section of the blade is nearly empty with the exception of a series of vertical bars, rendering it little more than its cutting edge. The blade also retracts into the hilt for efficient storage, not dissimilar to his collapsible recurve bow.

The sword is incredibly sharp. It can easily cut through and cut off the limbs of Outriders while Barton could only use one of his hands, as the other held the Nano Gauntlet.


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Behind the Scenes

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