"Ms. Walker, I was in the car and caught the end of your radio show today. I have to say... wow!"
"Good wow or bad wow?"
"Great wow. You were so brutal, your honesty, you totally blew me away. I never would've expected that kind of passion from you. [...] That was really something today. Really powerful stuff. Whatever spark made you do what you did, hold on to it."
―Ronald Garcia and Trish Walker[src]

Ronald Garcia is the station chief of ZCN.


"We got ten Barbies with microphones on this network."
"I'm not a damn Barbie."
"Okay. Then show me who you are. Smack me in the face with your truth."
―Ronald Garcia and Trish Walker[src]

Ronald Garcia works as the station chief of ZCN. After hearing Trish Walker quit her radio show in spectacular style, Garcia offered Trish the chance to screentest for a television show on his network.[1] Garcia oversaw the screentest, and was dismayed that Trish was floundering, unaware that her behavior was being fueled by being high on a Combat Enhancer Inhaler.[2]


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