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"You see, the tiger form uses internal force, and not external strength. So it's not necessary to use charging momentum."
"Which lowers the risk of moving in."
"You're working too hard. Too much external force. It's internal force you want to master."
Danny Rand and Colleen Wing

Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch is the third episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Joy proves herself a shrewd businessperson, Danny recalls a painful memory and Colleen puts her talents to good use.


Attack on dojo.png

Awakened by the creaks, Colleen Wing quickly arms herself with a katana in a holster, while henchmen hired by Ward Meachum barge into the dojo. She surprises them and was swift in taking down the men, finding them armed with guns. As they begin to leave, one henchman informs Wing that Danny Rand had escaped and that they were there for to find him; she proclaims that she could protect herself from Rand and that she had wanted nothing to do with him. With the men gone, Rand drops from the ceiling and apologizes for the door. Wing says that he could pay to have it fixed while reminding Rand that though she was helping him, there is a limit and asks that he leave the next morning.

Ward enters his father's penthouse to see Harold Meachum. He finds his father in his sleeping chamber and uses the communication device to awaken him. Harold asks him about many deals within Rand Enterprises then scolds Ward for trying to have Rand killed. Harold says that he specifically asked Ward to keep him safe.


The next morning, Wing wakes up to music and sees Rand meditating. Angry, she tells him she thought she was very clear. Rand says he worries for her safety, but Wing says she could handle herself. They then spar while Rand gives her tips, which she is ungrateful for. She opens the door and kicks him out again. Rand says he will pay her rent for six months, but Wing refuses, saying that he can't even pay for his own haircut. After negotiating, she agrees, but tells him that he can't go near the students.

Joy Meachum talks to Ward, who still tells her to not communicate with Rand. Later, she goes to her house and sees Rand on her front steps. Joy relates him being gone for fifteen years to her and her father. While she still believes Harold to be dead. Rand tries to tell Joy that Harold is alive, but Joy thinks he was hallucinating from the drugs. They go inside and Joy presents him with money for his shares. The deal is that he gets one hundred million dollars if he changes his name. He tells her it's not about money, he just thought she understood.


Wing asks her student, Darryl how he got a scar on his cheek. Darryl tells her that he was fighting at a bar. She tells him to never fight for money. Meanwhile, Rand visits his mother, father, and his own grave. He rubs his hand across his mother's gravestone and notices the flowers in front of each one. He asks a worker who puts the flowers there when the whole family is dead, the worker tells him to ask someone else. Rand then tracks down an old friend, Jeri Hogarth, who is confused on how he is alive. When talking, Hogarth tells him that she was in charge of Rand Enterprises estate, which included putting flowers in front of the head stones. Hogarth tells him she will help get him back into Rand.

Harold spars with a trainer in his penthouse, but then takes a break. Suddenly, the lights go dark which makes him drop his glass of water and he hears the voice of Madame Gao. Gao is mad that Harold left his penthouse to see Rand. He tries to explain himself, but she tells him to kneel. He reluctantly kneels onto the broken glass by his feet. He then looks up to see that Gao is gone. Rand trains the students, despite Wing's warnings. He shows them how to harness their Chi, which makes them laugh. He then slashes at a kids legs. Wing yells at him for his actions, then tells him to go. Meanwhile, Joy and Ward visit Kevin Kennedy with a man named Raj Patel. They explain that Kennedy is dying, and the man will get his liver.

Rand sleeps in a hotel provided by Hogarth, but can't get comfortable in his bed. He lays his blanket on the floor, facing the window and sleeps while looking out onto the city. He has a dream about his childhood, where he got his head shaved bald and was repeatedly beaten by the monks to get him stronger. Ward talks to Joy, saying he is thinking about stepping down from the company. Joy tells him that she just wants him to be happy, but she also wants him to stay.


Hogarth meets with Rand and tells him that there are no records of him anywhere. He decides to go into Rand's storage facility to get possible identification. He is then struck by a man, who uses Ethyl Alcohol and pours it over the room. Rand summons his Iron Fist and punches the man's hand which breaks it. The man takes out a knife, but is quickly disarmed. However, the man is able to light a fire, blowing the facility up. Rand then finds the Meachum's and angrily discusses with them why they keep trying to kill him. Ward explains that Rand is dead, Joy tells him they aren't family, so he should stop trying to act like it. Later, Joy gets Ward to give her information to use against Hogarth. Joy tells Ward that she thinks he is crazy because he said he saw their father the other night.

At an illegal fighting facility, Wing hypocritically enters and fights Rusty, a very strong fighter. She has some trouble with the opponent, but eventually gets the upper hand and pins him to the ground. However, he bites her leg, which is against the rules. She uses the tactic that Rand taught her and wins, gaining some money as well.


The next day, Rand and Hogarth meet with the Rand Enterprises shareholders. The Meachum's lower their offer to twenty million dollars and Rand increases his negotiation to a stake of 51% of the company. Hogarth presents to them a pottery item that Rand made when he was younger. The pot contains Rand's fingerprint engraved in the clay. After, Rand decides to follow Ward and hears him talking to a man on the phone. He hears an address and goes to the building. He gets on the outside and approaches a window. Inside the building, Ward discusses with Harold about how he wants to leave. Harold tells Ward that they will all be killed if he tells someone. Harold claims that he is trapped. Rand opens the window, but is pushed out by a guard, which leaves him falling.


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Dojo Intruders Trevor Morris
Black Mags The Cool Kids
Close Trevor Morris
New Digs Trevor Morris
Brass Knuckles Trevor Morris
Make the Party Loud Southpaw Swagger


  • The coil pot Danny Rand gave Joy Meachum for her birthday is colored yellow and green, the same as Iron Fist's costume in the comics.
  • Classic Marvel Comics monsters from the 1950's and 60's are seen as stickers underneath Rand's office desk.
  • The pile of M&M's that Danny Rand sent to Joy Meachum in the episode, Shadow Hawk Takes Flight, is present in a bowl on her desk.


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