"I'm Big Chief Roland Duplantier of the Wild Red Hawks of the 9th Ward. Baddest in all of New Orleans!"
―Roland Duplantier[src]

Roland Duplantier is the leader of the Wild Red Hawks.


"I always thought the cloak he started on was something special."
"Hey, what's the difference between a cloak and a cape anyway?"
"A cape is just an add-on to a shirt. But a cloak, it hugs you."
―Roland Duplantier and Tyrone Johnson[src]

Roland Duplantier was the leader of a New Orleans Mardi Gras tribe known as the Wild Red Hawks. He notably befriended Otis Johnson, also a member of the Wild Red Hawks, and welcomed Otis' son Billy Johnson into the group as well.[2] Duplantier was impressed by the cloak Billy had begun working on before he died.[3]

In 2017, after years of absence, while holding a gathering of the Wild Red Hawks, Duplantier saw Otis returning to the Wild Red Hawks with his second son Tyrone. At first, Duplantier acted hostile towards hostile, claiming that he no longer belonged with the Wild Red Hawks as he had changed for a wealthier lifestyle and feigning to attack Otis with a knife. Seeing as Otis remained unimpressed by Duplantier's banter, Duplantier warmly welcomed him back into the Wild Red Hawks, and also became acquainted with Tyrone.[2]

Days later, Duplantier and the Wild Red Hawks were invited to the Johnson Residence so they could have some space to finish their costumes for the impending Mardi Gras parade. Once he was greeted by Otis and joked about the nice furniture of the house, Duplantier approached Tyrone and asked him how he was doing since this was the day of Billy's death's anniversary. They then discussed about the cloak Billy had started as his work had been continued by Tyrone, and Duplantier explained the difference between a cape and a cloak to Tyrone. They then saw Otis sadly grabbed the cloak which had been elaborated by his deceased eldest son.[3]

On the day of the parade, the Wild Red Hawks were visited by NOPD officers looking for Tyrone, who had been declared a wanted fugitive. Duplantier could not help but comment that the way the officer talking to him explained his purpose was racist and offensive towards the Native Americans community.[1]





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