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"I want action plans on my desk in one hour. Stay vigilant. I'm not losing any more of you."
―Roger Dooley[src]

Roger Dooley was a World War II veteran and the Chief of one of the Strategic Scientific Reserve's offices in New York City. During the first months of 1946, Dooley's department was given the task to find Howard Stark who was publicly accused of selling his inventions to the enemies of the United States. After a long investigation, during which they came in conflict with the Leviathan, Dooley and his men discovered that Peggy Carter was Stark's accomplice. However, Carter managed to convince them of hers and Stark's innocence, but by then, Dooley was brainwashed by Johann Fennhoff into doing his own bidding. Once Fennhoff escaped, he left Dooley wearing one of Stark's deadly inventions, the Stark Heat Vest. Dooley was killed in the resulting explosion from the device, but not before he jumped out of the building to save his agents' lives.


Early Life

Military Career

"I'm off risking my neck, serving my country, she cheats on me with some jerk from Hoboken."
"You feel that it was more than a betrayal. Overseas, you rose to a high-ranking officer and proved yourself again and again."
―Roger Dooley and Johann Fennhoff[src]

When World War II broke out, Roger Dooley enlisted the United States Army to fight the Axis overseas as a high-ranking officer. After the war, he returned home to discover that his wife was cheating on him.[2]

Strategic Scientific Reserve

Finding Howard Stark

"As of this moment, Howard Stark is not only in contempt of Congress, he's a fugitive from justice. Find him, squeeze him, until he loses his sense of humor."
―Roger Dooley[src]

Dooley briefing his team about Howard Stark

By 1946, Dooley joined the Strategic Scientific Reserve and became the Chief of the New York Bell Company Office. Howard Stark disappeared and did not go to a Congressional hearing about how his technology was stolen but appeared overseas in enemy hands what brought Stark to the attention of the SSR. During the meeting, Dooley told Peggy Carter to man the phones, but she gave that job to Rose Roberts. Dooley assigned Jack Thompson as lead investigator, but when Carter objected to Thompson's directives, Dooley reprimanded her.

Dooley and Jack Thompson discuss the case

Thompson sought Dooley's approval to infiltrate La Martinique with Yauch and Ray Krzeminski in order to question Spider Raymond who was planning on buying the Nitramene. When he caught Carter eavesdropping on the "need-to-know" mission while making coffee, he asked her what she wanted. Thompson suggested that she listen in so she might learn something about being an agent. Dooley approved Carter's request for time off as she claimed to be on her period.

Dooley discusses Spider Raymond's murder

Although Raymond was discovered dead at the scene before he could be questioned, Thompson interrupted Dooley's meeting with Daniel Sousa to report to him that he might have a lead as to who killed Raymond. He revealed that the photographer at the club had taken a picture of a woman who had been with Raymond moments before his death and assaulted his bodyguard. As they were speaking Sousa answered a phone call and informed them that a Roxxon Refinery had been destroyed in a massive explosion.[3]

Investigating Roxxon

Dooley sees the remains of a Roxxon Refinery

"Do I even need to ask?"
"Ask what?"
"Yeah, I guess you're right. I used to strap a chair to my ass and take long walks around the neighborhood, too."
―Roger Dooley and Sheldon McFee[src]

Dooley decided to investigate the remains of the Roxxon Refinery with Jack Thompson and Ray Krzeminski. As the agents discussed what kind of technology could have possibly caused such destruction, Dooley commented that he believed Howard Stark was responsible. He told Krzeminski to take the imploded mass apart to see if any clues could be found as to how it happened.

Dooley personally questioning Hugh Jones

Dooley went with Thompson to see Hugh Jones at the Roxxon Oil Corporation Headquarters to find out what he knew in connection to the explosion. When Jones offered Dooley an alcoholic beverage, Dooley would not drink it; instead, he stayed on duty. Jones revealed that he and Stark had been friends for years, with Stark Industries trying to buy Roxxon in the past, however, the friendship fell apart when Stark slept with Jones' wife. Jones revealed that his spies in Stark Industries had learned that Stark was working on a Nitramene bomb made with Vita Radiation.

Dooley questioning the Roxxon Employees

Dooley requested permission to scan all the Roxxon Corporation employees for Vita Radiation, calling Peggy Carter to bring the Vita-Ray Detector and to scan the females. As the day wore on almost all the staff members were checked and cleared as suspects, until Carter questioned if all their clothes should be checked as well. The moment Carter said this, Miles Van Ert attempted to flee the scene and was chased down by Thompson and Dooley; however, it was Carter who took another route and managed to trip Van Ert so Thompson could arrest him.

Dooley personally interrogating Miles Van Ert

Van Ert was taken back to the New York Bell Company Office and Dooley offered him a deal to turn over the names of his superiors in exchange for a much lighter sentence prison. When Van Ert refused the deal, Dooley gave Thompson the authority to interrogate the prisoner by beating him mercilessly, as they watched the beating unfold, Dooley asked Carter to leave as he felt that a woman should not see such brutality. Eventually, Thompson returned having forced Van Ert to reveal that he was working for Leet Brannis and they were moving the Nitramene with the help of a Daisy Clover Milk Factory employee who supplied transport.

Dooley and Thompson witness an explosion

Thompson learned where Sheldon McFee, the driver helping Van Ert and Brannis, lived and Dooley rode with him to arrest him. En route, they found McFee tied to a chair, wandering the road and claiming to have been beaten up by a woman. McFee surrendered without challenge and as they were driving back to the New York Bell Company Office, Dooley teased McFee about his situation. Suddenly, they saw a massive explosion in the distance which caused a blinding white light. When they went to investigate, they found Brannis' body.[4]

Hard Day

Dooley searches Sasha Demidov's room

"Whatever happened last night, don't any of you forget Krzeminski would still be with us today if it wasn't for Howard Stark, whether he pulled the trigger or not. We're only neck-deep in this mess because of him."
―Roger Dooley[src]

Following a lead found by Leet Brannis' body, Dooley and Ray Krzeminski went to Hotel Cosmopolitan to check out a room and as they were walking, Emily greeted Krzeminski which made Dooley chuckle. As they searched the room, they retrieved the Remote Typewriter and fake passports from the room of a suspect in the murder of Spider Raymond.

Dooley learning about the Battle of Finow

Back at the New York Bell Company Office, Dooley listened as Jack Thompson explained that Brannis had been officially killed two years earlier during the Battle of Finow. Krzeminski explained that Demidov's corpse was still being pulled out of the river and he would be identified through fingerprints soon. Dooley then sent Thompson to research Demidov's background since he had contacts in Moscow. They were interrupted by Daniel Sousa who revealed that one of Howard Stark's cars was at the scene of the Destruction of the Roxxon Refinery.

Dooley watches Edwin Jarvis' interrogation

Edwin Jarvis was brought in for questioning as to why the bumper and license plate of the car he drove was at the scene of the Roxxon Refinery explosion. Although they had found a stolen car report that Jarvis had filed, Dooley chose to hold his back for the time being in order to test Jarvis. Dooley watched from behind the two way mirror as Thompson questioned Stark's butler, attempting to throw him off guard by discussing how Jarvis had committed treason during World War II and as a result, he and his wife were at risk of being deported back to England.

Dooley furiously screaming at Peggy Carter

As Jarvis became more and more nervous, Dooley waited for his moment as he was interrupted by Peggy Carter who asked him to sign some paperwork. Dooley did so and prepared to speak to Jarvis personally, but as he opened the door, Carter blurted out by mistake that she had taken his stolen car report by accident. Jarvis took this as evidence of his innocence and left the building. Dooley was furious at the blunder and screamed at Carter in his office, making her apologize to Thompson, who he claimed had done exceptional work which she had ruined.

Dooley finding all of Howard Stark's weapons

Dooley assigned agents Sousa and Krzeminski to night shift duty; they called him when they received an anonymous tip which eventually led them to The Heartbreak with Stark's inventions inside. Dooley arrived with other SSR agents and they discussed what had happened, with Dooley questioning why Jerome Zandow, who had been discovered at the scene, had not sold the weapons himself and who could have made the anonymous call. He warned the agents not to sink Manhattan through carelessly driving the items back to the SSR base and ordered Krzeminski to drive Zandow back ready for interrogation.

Dooley learning of Ray Krzeminski's murder

The next morning, Chief Dooley was saddened to learn of the murder of Krzeminski along with their main witness Zandow at the hands of an unknown assassin and felt that the blame was on Stark, regardless of whether or not Stark was the one who had pulled the trigger. He promised his agents that he would find Krzeminski's killer and that he would not allow any more of them to lose their lives. He then returned to his office and phoned Krzeminski's wife to inform her of his tragic death while Agent Thompson phoned his girlfriend.[5]

Trip to Germany

Dooley prepares to leave for Germany

"Chief, you're really gonna rely on the word of a Nazi?"
"Son, I'd let Göring give me a hickey if he'd get me to the bottom of this. Till I get back, you're in charge."
Jack Thompson and Roger Dooley[src]

As part of his investigation into who Leet Brannis and Sasha Demidov were, Dooley decided to go to Nuremberg Prison to see Ernst Mueller who was connected with the Battle of Finow. Dooley left Jack Thompson in charge of the New York Bell Company Office while he was overseas.

Dooley speaking with Ernst Mueller in his cell

In Nuremberg Prison, Dooley saw Colonel Mueller being fitted for a noose. He told Mueller that he would give him a cyanide pill to defy his jailers and die on his own terms if Mueller told him what truly happened in the Battle of Finow. Mueller told Dooley that it was not his regiment that killed the Soviet Armed Forces troops; they were already massacred when his people arrived. Dooley went into a secret compartment hidden in his watch and gave Mueller a pill, which was assumed by Mueller to be cyanide. Upon leaving, Dooley went into his watch and offered the prison escort a pill, which turned out to be a breath mint.

Dooley sees the Remote Typewriter turning on

Dooley returned to the New York Bell Company Office and relieved Thompson of command of the SSR and updated him about Mueller's status, as he would have been executed by hanging at this time, as the pill Dooley gave Mueller was not actually cyanide. Staying behind late into the night in the office once again, Dooley sat outside his office reviewing paperwork. In the quiet, Dooley heard the keys of the Remote Typewriter typing a message and looked up to see a new vital piece of evidence which could finally link Howard Stark to the case.[6]

Further Investigations

Dooley and his team break the Russian code

"Three sides to every story, Mr. Jarvis, your side, my side, and the truth. Tell Stark I'm not interested in any witch-hunt, I just want to get to the truth. If he's willing to tell his side of the story I'd really like to hear it."
―Roger Dooley to Edwin Jarvis[src]

The next morning, Dooley had a cryptographer from Virginia come to decode the message that the Remote Typewriter produced. However, Peggy Carter replaced a cryptographer and successfully deciphered the code herself. The translated message stated that Howard Stark would be in Belarus to receive a check for one of his inventions.

Dooley allows Peggy Carter go to Russia

Dooley appointed Jack Thompson to take a team to the Soviet Union to retrieve Stark; Carter insisted to go also, saying that she had experience of missions in Russia during World War II and promising that she could get the 107th regiment to escort them. Dooley and Thompson did not believe that she knew the famous soldiers, but Dooley said that if she did get their assistance, she could go, despite Thompson's protest. Carter made a phone call and enlisted the Howling Commandos; Dooley kept his word and ordered Thompson and Carter to go alongside Rick Ramirez and Mike Li.

Dooley learns more about the Battle of Finow

Later, Dooley noticed that Daniel Sousa was working late. After a brief conversation with him about women, Dooley went to a nearby bar, meeting a New York Times Reporter, who was an old friend. Dooley agreed to buy them drinks in exchange for information and they talked about the Battle of Finow and a fistfight that Stark had with John McGinnis, although the reason was never clear and there were seemingly no consequences for Stark. The two agreed that there was more occurring than they knew.

Dooley speaks to Edwin Jarvis about the truth

Dooley approached Edwin Jarvis, who he had followed after easily learning his daily routine. Dooley asked Jarvis about the Battle of Finow and Stark's relationship with McGinnis, however, Jarvis was uncooperative in revealing any information pertaining to Stark's fistfight, because he wanted an apology from the Strategic Scientific Reserve for threatening to deport him and his wife. Dooley assured him know that all he wanted was the truth of what happened in Finow and gave him his business card, saying that he would listen when Stark was ready to talk.

Dooley is debriefed on the Russian mission

Thompson and Carter returned from Belarus with Viktor Ivchenko, reporting that Mike Li was killed in battle. Dooley listened to the report where Thompson informed him that Carter had saved their lives and had been the most skilled agent during the mission, while she assured him that Thompson had also acted bravely. Dooley congratulated them both, telling Carter that she had impressed him before asking for the psychiatrist to enter his office to discuss his knowledge of Leviathan.[1]

Day with the Doctor

Dooley ordering Peggy Carter to investigate

"That was when I learned monsters are real, and there's none more terrifying than Leviathan."
"Here I thought it was just something they told the apple-knockers to scare them."
Viktor Ivchenko and Roger Dooley[src]

Dooley, Peggy Carter, and Jack Thompson listened as Viktor Ivchenko told them how he was captured by Leviathan and forced to cooperate to save his and his family's lives. Carter was more interested in the Red Room Academy she saw in Belarus and if female spies were being used to infiltrate the United States. Dooley told Carter to leave his office; he told her to follow her lead, while he followed him to learn more about Leviathan. Carter was left stunned and Dooley mocked her for finally shutting up.

Dooley having another drink with Ivchenko

Dooley tried to get information from Ivchenko about the Photonic Amplifier and the other work Leviathan was involved in, but Ivchenko said that he was a psychiatrist, not an engineer, so he could tell him very little. Taking a break from the interrogation, the two had a drink and began talking about New York City and its skyscrapers. Ivchenko opened a window and beckoned Dooley to show him landmarks; Dooley refused to leave his seat and instead he talked about King Kong and promised to give Ivchenko a personal tour of the city.

Ivchenko attempts to hypnotize Dooley

Ivchenko then spoke to Dooley about the chief's home life and they discussed how Dooley's wife had had an affair while Dooley was fighting in World War II. Dooley listened to the doctor as he tried to advise him about how to fix his relationship with his wife and children. Dooley was captivated by what the doctor was saying; Ivchenko started rubbing his ring as he spoke in a hypnotic tone. Suddenly, Daniel Sousa entered the room, wanting to talk to his leader immediately. Sousa revealed that Carter was the woman spotted at La Martinique and had attacked Sheldon McFee.[2]

Chase of Peggy Carter

Dooley orders his men to find Peggy Carter

"I want every bus stop, train station, dock, airport, every last trolley wallpapered with pictures of Peggy Carter. She is now a fugitive and will be brought to justice, or else every last one of you will be demoted to grade school hall monitor! Is that clear?"
―Roger Dooley[src]

Dooley sent a team of agents to capture Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis. However, Yauch brought the news that the SSR agents who were deployed from Washington, D.C. failed to capture Carter at the L&L Automat. Dooley was so angry that he said that everyone would be demoted to grade school hall monitors if Carter was not apprehended. Viktor Ivchenko exited Dooley's office and heard the threat; Dooley told Yauch to babysit Ivchenko in another room while he dealt with the Carter debacle.

Dooley prepares to question Peggy Carter

When Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa brought the handcuffed Carter before him, Carter told Dooley that she could explain it all as he looked at her silently. Taking Carter into the interrogation room, Thompson handcuffed Carter to the desk, explaining that it was necessary as she had put three SSR agents in the hospital. Sousa laid out the evidence against her including the picture of her at La Martinique and the Blitzkrieg Button; Dooley told his men not to go easy on her just because she was a woman.[2]

Questioning Peggy Carter

Dooley learns of agent Yauch's sudden death

"I'm impressed. You're good, Carter, holy cow you are good. I got a dozen guys in there who wish they could play the game half as well as you."
"I'm not playing a game, I never was!"
―Roger Dooley and Peggy Carter[src]

While standing behind the two way mirror with Viktor Ivchenko, Dooley watched as Daniel Sousa laid out the evidence to Peggy Carter. They discussed how strong Carter was until they were interrupted when Jack Thompson informed Dooley that Yauch had been killed in an accident. Thompson questioned why Ivchenko was watching the questioning but Dooley insisted that it was what he wanted.

Dooley personally questions Peggy Carter

Dooley, along with Thompson and Sousa, questioned Carter and laid all the evidence they had collected about the case in front of her, including the witnesses who linked her to the deaths of Spider Raymond, Leet Brannis and Ray Krzeminski, although Carter insisted on her innocence and claimed they should be hunting Dottie Underwood who she claimed had killed Krzeminski. Dooley insisted that he was impressed by her lies but she continued to deny betraying them for Howard Stark and refused to answer any questions about the Blitzkrieg Button and the Battle of Finow.

Dooley standing alongside Edwin Jarvis

The interrogation was interrupted when Edwin Jarvis arrived at the New York Bell Company Office and managed to bluff his way past Rose Roberts with a supposed signed confession from Howard Stark, accepting responsibility for the sale of his weapons and claiming Carter had been a patsy. Jarvis claimed that Stark was currently flying over Greenland and would hand over the rest of the confession upon Jarvis and Carter's freedom. Dooley agreed to the exchange for Stark but told Carter she and Jarvis would remain in their custody until Stark's arrival, at which point they would be freed and she was to be dismissed from the SSR.

Dooley tries to make amends with his wife

Returning to his office with Ivchenko, Dooley call his wife to try and make amends for their broken relationship, telling her that he no longer blamed for their troubles and insisted that he only ever wanted the best for her. They agreed to meet for dinner to try and repair their love for one another. Ivchenko asked how he felt about it and Dooley told him that he was grateful to him for the work he had done for his marriage, although he did not know the right words to say. Dooley's blind trust of Ivchenko grew as he let him stay in his office and look out over New York City.

Dooley holding up Captain America's blood

When she observed Ivchenko communicating with someone across the street in Morse Code, however, Carter charged out of the briefing room and admitted the "confession" had been false. Desperate to gain their trust Carter admitted to Dooley, Thompson, and Sousa the entire story of what had happened since Stark first approached her. She explained how she had given Sousa and Krzeminski the credit for finding the Stark's weapons. Dooley remained skeptical so as a gesture of good faith, Carter revealed that the Blitzkrieg Button held the last remaining drops of Steve Rogers' blood.[7]

Controlled by Ivchenko

Dooley falls under Johann Fennhoff's control

"I feel like I should keep this."
"Just focus, we don't have much further to go."
―Roger Dooley and Johann Fennhoff[src]

Having discussed it with Jack Thompson and Daniel Sousa, Dooley accepted that he believed Peggy Carter was telling the truth. Dooley sent Thompson, Sousa and Corcoran across the street to investigate while he spoke to Viktor Ivchenko, once in his office, Dooley asked Ivchenko to shut the window, claiming it to be getting cold. Ivchenko became suspicious of Dooley's intentions and began talking about Dooley's upcoming dinner and began softly rubbing his ring, the hypnotic tone, and soothing motion soon put Dooley under Ivchenko's control.

Dooley threatens to shoot Carter and Jarvis

Ivchenko managed to make Dooley think of his family, and the love he had for them and picturing himself enjoying dinner with them by his side, causing Dooley to lose complete control over his own mind and become loyal to Ivchenko's orders. As instructed, Dooley went to Carter and Edwin Jarvis and told them to follow him to the interrogation room, claiming that there were people listening to their every word. Once alone, he drew his gun and ordered them both to remain silent. He handcuffed the pair to the table before locking them inside and breaking the key in the door, and as another agent spotted him, Dooley insisted he was trying to get them to confess.

Dooley threatens Alex Doobin's scientists

With Ivchenko by his side, Dooley went to the laboratory and spoke to Alex Doobin who was working with Howard Stark's designs. Dooley claimed that since Carter's betrayal and theft of the Blitzkrieg Button, all Doobin's scientists would be investigated. Once they had all been ordered out of the room, Dooley and Ivchenko began searching through the weapons to find the Midnight Oil that Leviathan required. Ivchenko first found the Stark Heat Vest which he claimed they would need later on before long Dooley found the Midnight Oil and Ivchenko confirmed it was what he wanted.

Dooley handing Johann Fennhoff the weapon

As they walked towards the exit, Ivchenko thanked Dooley for all of his assistance. When Ivchenko asked for the Midnight Oil, Dooley hesitated and told him that he did not want to hand it over, however, Ivchenko's power proved to be too strong and with just a command to focus, Dooley handed over the box. In exchange, Ivchenko left him with the Vest with orders to return to his office, lock himself inside and put on the vest, all while thinking of his family. Despite his efforts to fight the control, Dooley's mind was defeated and he watched helplessly as Ivchenko left the building. He then followed Ivchenko's final orders while thinking of returning home to his wife.[7]

Final Instructions

Dooley wakes up wearing the Stark Heat Vest

"Promise me you'll get the son of a bitch who did this. Say it!"
"We'll catch them."
―Roger Dooley and Peggy Carter[src]

As instructed, Dooley locked himself in his office and put on the Stark Heat Vest, which began to warm up quickly. Before long Dooley's agents discovered him lying asleep in his office and began banging on the door in an attempt to wake him, when Dooley stood up and joined them, Edwin Jarvis revealed the true nature of the vest and explained that it was an unfinished and highly flawed design which would likely explode if not removed as quickly as possible.

Dooley says his final goodbyes to his agents

Alex Doobin was called in to attempt to remove the suit, however, the more he touched the mechanics of the vest the faster it heated up. Jack Thompson tried to offer his boss as much comfort as he could provide, but Dooley felt the vest beginning to burn and scar his skin. Dooley revealed to his agents that Johann Fennhoff had gotten into his head and warned them not to allow him to speak to them so that they did not fall under his control. He explained how Ivchenko had made him steal a weapon from the lab but that he did not know what it was or what he intended to know with the weapon.

Dooley sacrifices his life to save his agents

Despite his best efforts, Doobin was unable to find a way to remove the vest and Jarvis explained that it was reaching its final stages. Realizing his fate, Dooley ordered Thompson to help him to his feet; once standing, he stole Thompson's gun and ordered everyone to stand back. Dooley asked Thompson to tell his wife he was sorry for missing dinner, he then told Carter to go after Ivchenko, making her promise to catch him. With little time, Dooley shot out a window before jumping out of it moments before the vest exploded. He was able to save the lives of the other agents with his sacrifice.[7]


Lessons in Leadership

"What was that old Dooley saying?"
"'Explore all avenues for unturned stones.'"
Peggy Carter and Daniel Sousa[src]

Roger Dooley was remembered and emulated by the New York Bell Company Office agents who worked closely with him, namely Peggy Carter, Daniel Sousa, and Jack Thompson. When Thompson was interrogating Dottie Underwood, he told her of how Dooley and he would play "good cop, bad cop" with their interviewees, but since Johann Fennhoff caused Dooley's death, there was no longer a "good cop". Sousa and Carter reminded each other of the words of Dooley as they began an investigation, citing that he would tell them to "leave no stone unturned" during an investigation.[8]


One of the leaders of Strategic Scientific Reserve, Roger Dooley was observant, hardworking and principled, but, unfortunately, he was also filled with sexism and stereotypes. When he saw Peggy Carter eavesdropping on a meeting, he quickly asked her to leave; when that did not happen, he wanted to know her real purpose there. Carter was able to fool him by playing his stereotypes to her advantage.

Though determined and single-minded, Dooley was not unwilling to reassess his opinions in the face of new evidence. After hearing of a run-in between Howard Stark and a general during World War II, Dooley reached out to Edwin Jarvis to tell Stark that he was willing to hear his side of the story. He also permitted Carter to follow up on her theory that the robbery of Stark's vault and the murder of Agent Ray Krzeminski were both the work of a female Leviathan operative.

Dooley did not judge his co-workers, but, with a look, he showed his disapproval. He gazed at Jack Thompson when he took a drink while on duty; when a prostitute spoke familiarly with Krzeminski, he looked at the agent. When the handcuffed Carter was brought before him, his look of disgust was more frightening than his words later.

Dooley was bothered by ongoing problems in his personal life as well as the challenges of his day job. Though he felt betrayed after his wife had an affair, he still loved Loretta and their children and dreamed of the day that they could be a reunited family.


  • Master Tactician: Dooley was the chief of the SSR in New York. He had to make plans and oversee all operations.
  • Expert Interrogator: Dooley was a skilled interrogator, being able to help interrogate Ernst Mueller. However, Jack Thompson took most of the interrogations.



Other Equipment


"I heard Dooley had a reserved booth with one of those plaque things next to it."
Phil Coulson to Daniel Sousa[src]






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  • In the comics, Roger Dooley was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that molested Jennifer Walters, only to be killed shortly after by a swarm of sentient cockroaches that used his body as a nest.


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