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"Mr. Stark, I'm about to eat honey-roast ham, surrounded by the Agency's finest. The President's safe on Air Force One with Colonel Rhodes. I think we're good here."
―Rodriguez to Tony Stark[src]

Rodriguez is the former Vice President of the United States under the administration of President Matthew Ellis. By 2012, Rodriguez was associated with A.I.M., and utilized his power for corruption, helping aid the cover-ups for the Mandarin terrorist attacks. He was impeached and arrested after his crimes were revealed.


Aldrich Killian's War

"I found myself a new political patron. And this time tomorrow, he'll have your job."
Aldrich Killian to Matthew Ellis[src]

During his tenure as Vice President of the United States, Rodriguez had become associated with Advanced Idea Mechanics, primarily to promote the rebranding of Colonel James Rhodes as the Iron Patriot. Secretly, while wanting to give his daughter a new leg, Rodriguez fell into allegiance with Aldrich Killian's Extremis operations, and knowingly allowed terrorist attacks perpetrated by the "Mandarin" on American soil. He did anything he could to help A.I.M., including giving them the location of Matthew Ellis at all times. Tony Stark and James Rhodes tried to tell Rodriguez information about A.I.M.'s plan to attack Ellis, but he told no one and kept it to himself. Later, Rodriguez' betrayal was discovered, so he was arrested.[1]






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