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"I was fortunate enough to eject right before impact. They've been trapped here this whole time. It's taken me so long to reach them. Soon they'll be free."
Jonah to Karolina Dean

Rock Bottom is the fifth episode of the second season of the television series Runaways.


When the kids discover that Topher may be more dangerous than they could have imagined, addicted to the rocks that give him superhuman abilities, will they help him or will they turn their backs on their new friend?


Topher tells his story to the Runaways, and claims to have found Gibborim Rocks in an abandoned terrarium after he was rejected by his family, which gave him superhuman abilities. Alex Wilder wonders how such rock samples could have been found in another location than the PRIDE Construction Site, and Molly Hernandez insists that Topher should be allowed to stay in the Hostel due to his honesty. Although reluctant, the Runaways accept and go back to their own plans, while Topher asks Hernandez for some details about the dig site mentioned by Alex.


Karolina Dean enters the hole located on the dig site with Jonah, who explains to her that she is partly of extraterrestrial origin, and that several members of Jonah's family, meaning her family as well, are trapped in the bottom of the hole. Karolina then returns to the Hostel and, out of fear that Alex's plan of hacking into the construction site's systems could endanger the Gibborim, she attempts to sabotage his computer, but is stopped as she is found by Nico Minoru.

Later however, Hernandez realizes that Topher is gone, after he promised Gert Yorkes that he would bring back medicines for her. The Runaways quickly discover that Topher stole the map of the dig site, meaning that he probably wants to find more Gibborim rocks, which he has become addicted to. The Runaways take their car near the dig site, where they see Topher leaving with his bag full of rocks after he violently attacked one of the workers. As Topher carjacks a passing driver, the Runaways decide to follow him.

The Runaways track Topher down to a residential area and find him inside a house where they learn the truth: Topher was actually rejected by his family after he found the rocks, which caused him to permanently injure his father. Sensing a lot of tension, the Runaways attempt to defuse the situation, but it rapidly grows out of control as Topher attacks them and attempts to leave. Hernandez does her best to keep her teammates from retaliating and tries to calm Topher down, but to no avail. Topher eventually throws a dumpster at them, and when Chase Stein attempts to deflect it with the Fistigons, he accidentally directs it towards Yorkes. Topher saves her, but is heavily wounded in the process, and the Runaways are forced to leave as an ambulance arrives.

Back to the Hostel, Hernandez laments that what happened to Topher is their fault, and she blames Minoru for not having trusted Topher and making him feel unwanted. Minoru insists that Topher was dangerous and unreliable, only for Hernandez to remark that Minoru sounds more like her mother. Later, Minoru is comforted by Karolina, as the two girls begin to passionately make out, while Yorkes goes to see Hernandez and praises her moral strength. Nevertheless, Yorkes later leaves the Hostel during the night without telling anyone in an attempt to get some medical support.

Meanwhile, PRIDE interrogates Eiffel, as they have learned that she encountered Chase, and despite Eiffel's disrespectful demeanor, they are told that the Runaways stole a computer from Atlas Academy. They figure out that the Runaways want to use it to hack into the dig site. As they discuss, Dale and Stacey Yorkes reveal that they saw Karolina and Jonah earlier on the dig site, which makes them fear that Jonah might know where the Runaways are. Robert Minoru decides to carry an assassination attempt on Jonah on his own, despite PRIDE doubting that it is a good idea.

Jonah summons Frank Dean to his office and reveals to him the Ultra Project, ordering Frank to find someone to sacrifice so he can regain some life force. While Frank struggles to find the strength to carry on Jonah's orders, Jonah is confronted by Leslie Dean, who blames him for having kept silent the fact that he regularly met Karolina and told her the truth about her heritage without consulting with Leslie. Leslie later finds Frank and learns that he has to pick someone to be killed for Jonah. As they discuss Karolina, Frank decides that he will not follow Jonah's orders, much to Leslie's pleasure. Leslie is later approached by Karolina, who wants to ask her questions about Jonah.

Janet using the Healing Algorithm.jpg

Janet Stein keeps decoding the Abstract, and discovers that Jonah owns a spaceship with an anti-gravity engine which could seriously endanger the whole California if misused. She returns into the Healing Algorithm and asks her husband Victor's help to destroy it, which he agrees to. Meanwhile, Robert fails to kill Jonah using Inhibitor Pods as he is attacked from behind by Aura and Frances. Jonah, although weaker than ever before, brings Robert back to the PRIDE Headquarters, much to PRIDE's astonishment.


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