"Lady, you're a very perceptive asshole."
Jessica Jones to Robyn[src]

Robyn is one of Jessica Jones' neighbors, living in an apartment alongside her brother Ruben. Robyn's life was torn apart when her brother was forced to commit suicide by Kilgrave. Heartbroken, Robyn blamed Jones for her loss and sought to ruin her life, until an encounter with Kilgrave and the support of Malcolm Ducasse showed her the error of her ways and allowed her to accept the truth and begin mourning her brother.


Noisy Neighbour

Loud Domestic Arguments

Robyn was born a fraternal twin with her brother Ruben. While growing up, their parents had a hard time controlling the behavior of Robyn, who always acted dominant , much to the subjugation of Ruben. However, the siblings remained close and decided to live together, getting an apartment in Jessica Jones' Apartment Building, directly above Jessica Jones.[1] The two had loud arguments, with Robyn's voice being dominant, that could be heard downstairs in Jones' apartment. Robyn heard the commotion that forced Jones to assault a client and break the window of her door.[2]

Confrontation with Jones

One day, while they were making chicken, Robyn noticed that Ruben had not washed his hands; she began an argument with Ruben that became loud. When she heard a knock at the door, Robyn told her brother to answer it. Jessica Jones asked them to lower their voices, because the argument was disturbing her. Citing that they were disturbed when they heard glass breaking from her apartment, Robyn told Jones to mind her business. Ruben attempted to have Jones join in their discussion, but Robyn wanted nothing to do with her, calling an insult.

Jessica Jones 9

Robyn is threatened by Jessica Jones

Suddenly, Jones broke into the door, breaking the chain lock, and grabbed Robyn. As Robyn dangled in the air, held by Jones' strength, Jones explained that she did not care about them as long as they were quiet. Dropping Robyn and noticing Ruben in his underwear, she told the pair to get self-respect. Angry, Robyn demanded that her brother help her off the ground.

Sometime later, Robyn and Ruben were leaving the building as Jones was entering. Robyn told Jones to stay away from her brother and grabbed him to assure that he followed her when he stopped to stare at Jones.[1]

Frightened of Malcolm

Robyn was awakened by Malcolm Ducasse who entered her apartment to steal peanut butter to eat. She became frightened by his presence, but Ruben escorted Ducasse from the apartment back to his.[3]

Missing Ruben

Search for Answers

"Can't lie to me, string bean. I got a bullshit meter the size of west Texas."
―Robyn to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Robyn was on the fifth floor of Jessica Jones' Apartment Building when she saw Malcolm Ducasse leaving the Alias Investigations Office; Robyn told the addict that he was exiting someone else's apartment. Ducasse had a nervous look and behavior; Robyn asked him what he was doing. Ducasse lied, saying that he entered the apartment to find alcohol, but could not get it; Robyn, calling herself a human lie detector, knew that he was lying about something and asked him if she could smell his breath.

Upon olfactory inspection, Robyn changed the subject, citing that Jessica Jones was trouble and was no good for her brother Ruben, who had become infatuated with her, going so far as to write his and Jones' initials with his Etch A Sketch. Ducasse wanted Robyn to know plainly that Jones was a good women; she called Jones a harpy. Robyn believed that she was using Ruben and would only break his heart.

Robyn noted that Ruben still had not come home; she thought that maybe Jessica Jones would know his whereabouts and knocked on the door to the Alias Investigations Office. Robyn told Jessica she felt Ruben was "acting out against me" in his approaching of Jessica. Once she found Ruben's sandal in a trash can, Robyn started to think Jessica used her brother for sexual favors, and said some things she wanted Ruben to hear. Once Jessica told her that Ruben was not coming back, Robyn freaked out and begged for his return, even offering to pay for Jessica's services as a private investigator.[4]

With Ducasse's help, Robyn went on to print flyers requesting information on Ruben's whereabouts. Jessica refused to collaborate with this scheme, rising Robyn's suspicions. Eventually she followed Malcolm to a reunion of the Kilgrave Victim Support Group, and heard him confess that Ruben had died in Jessica's apartment. Angry, Robyn convinces Donald and Jackson to accompany her in confronting Jones, the one who Robyn feels is ultimately to blame for Kilgrave's rampages.[5]

Revenge Gone Wrong

"You killed Ruben, you bitch! "
―Robyn attacking Jessica[src]

Donald and Jackson entered Jessica Jones' Apartment and attacked her, with Ducasse trying to defend Jones. Eventually Robyn hit Jessica Jones in the head with a plank, knocking her unconscious. Eventually Robyn heard the moans of someone whom Jones had bound and gagged in her room, and went to free him; it was Kilgrave, who used his powers on Robyn and the group.

Robyn, Ducasse and the other victims were brought to Niku, where Kilgrave would use them as hostages in a trap for Jones. While Kilgrave dined with another former victim, Hope Shlottman, that he would exchange with Jones for his father, Robyn and the men would stand above the bar counter with nooses around their necks. If anyone did anything threatening toward Kilgrave, the hostages would hang themselves. Once Shlottman stabbed herself in the throat, Kilgrave ran with his father, ordering the four to jump. Jones saved the four from hanging before tending to the wounded Shlottman.[5]

After Kilgrave

Jessica Jones 10

Robyn waits to give her police statement

"I saw it all. Every single detail. It's all etched into my brain. Forever. A lot of weird shit has been going down."
―Robyn regarding the events at Niku[src]

Once released and relieved from her near-suicide experience, Robyn was annoyed by the fact that Jessica Jones wanted them to lie about what happened. Eventually she accepted the truth was not the best thing for the moment as the police could get hurt going after Kilgrave. Robyn would later go after Malcolm Ducasse as he tried to arrange for another Kilgrave Victim Support Group reunion, saying the group was done and "No one can help anyone."[6]

The next day, a still paranoid Robyn was arguing with a postal carrier, whom she thought was under Kilgrave's control. Ducasse arrived and stopped the quarrel to see Robyn receive a package meant for Ruben; it was a charger he had ordered two weeks prior. Robyn cried, remembering her brother. Ducasse then took her to the place where he dumped Ruben's body. Robyn had some final thoughts about their relationship, and threw the charger into the river, making for a "late delivery".[7] She later moved out of her apartment.


Robyn can only be described as borderline psychotic. She is incredibly overprotective of her twin Ruben to a ridiculous degree.

For the entire series, she behaves obnoxiously towards the majority of the characters, verbally attacking, accusing and belittling everyone.

She shrugs off the stories of Kilgrave until she is directly affected by him.



  • Father
  • Mother
  • Ruben † - Brother




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  • Robyn apparently enjoys Bowling, having even won a trophy.[8]

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