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"Do you like animals?"
"Your dad made this. It's a robin, like you."
Daisy Johnson and Robin Hinton[src]

Robin Hinton is an Inhuman and the daughter of Charles and Polly Hinton. When Hinton went through her own Terrigenesis, she was given the gift of visions, allowing her to see the Earth's destruction and advising Enoch to send the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to 2091 to try and save the world from the Kree's rule.

Once the agents returned to the past, they sought to protect Hinton's younger self from the plans of General Hale and HYDRA. While in the protection of S.H.I.E.L.D., she encountered Glenn Talbot, who had appeared in her visions. Under the effects of the Faustus programming used on him by Hale, Talbot attempted to abduct her but was stopped from doing so. Later, after Talbot infused himself with Gravitonium and went insane with power, he successfully kidnapped both Hinton and her mother, intending to use her visions to locate more Gravitonium. While Melinda May, Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz rescued Polly from the Remorath ship, a critical action taken by Quake in battle with Talbot resulted in the alteration of the timeline, preventing the apocalypse Hinton had foreseen from ever taking place.


Inhuman Family

Father's Abandonment

In July 2015, Robin Hinton was abandoned by her Inhuman father, Charles when she was 18 months old. Indeed, his Terrigenesis transformation had granted him the power to predict an individual's death upon physical touch, and the thought of being unable to hold his own daughter without giving her visions of death was unbearable.[4]

Meeting Daisy Johnson

Hinton is given her wooden Robin by Quake

"You're too kind."
"I'm just keeping a promise."
Polly Hinton and Quake[src]

As Robin is an Inhuman, she and her mother, Polly, faced bigotry in their hometown. Knowing this, fellow Inhuman Daisy Johnson, who had promised Charles that she would protect Robin, provided the two with enough money to move and start a new life around people unaware of Robin's heritage. Johnson later met Robin and her mother, giving the carving of a robin her father had made, and directed them towards a friend of hers.[5]

Becoming Inhuman

Visions of the Future

"Did Robin ever say why I wasn't supposed to go with them?"
"She doesn't say much at all, not since Terrigenesis. I found her in a state just like her father."
"She was way too young to go through that."
Leo Fitz and Polly Hinton[src]

Robin was found by Enoch, a Chronicom sent to Earth to learn about Humans. He helped Polly understand her daughter's abilities and kept a record of Robin's drawings, which he later studied. Robin started to foresee the Destruction of Earth and the people who could prevent it.[1]

Advising Leo Fitz

"Robin, sweetie, Mr. Fitz has brought you some breakfast, and he has a question for you. He'd like to know why he's not with his friends. Can you tell Fitz? He'd really like to know why he's not with them."
"'Cause you have to save them."
Polly Hinton and Robin Hinton[src]

While drawing outside with her mother Polly, Robin was approached by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Leo Fitz, accompanied with Lance Hunter and Enoch. When Fitz introduced himself and mentioned being a friend of Daisy Johnson, Robin briefly stopped drawing before resuming her activity. Later on, as the others were reviewing her drawings, Robin alerted them that a group of the United States Air Force were coming from them. Robin and the others managed to escape thanks to Enoch who activated his stasis device.

Robin and her mother were taken to the Lighthouse. In the next morning, she woke up and kissed the wooden robin given to her by her father Charles. She was once again approached by Fitz, who wanted to know why he had not been sent into the future along with the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team. To that, Robin replied that Fitz was meant to save his friends and handed him over a drawing representing a morbid scene.

Later, Robin was asleep when Fitz used Enoch's Cryo-Freeze Chamber to be taken into the future. While sleeping, Robin was given a postcard signed by Fitz on which he indicated that he was "working on it".[1]

Robin and Polly were then taken into the Retreat for shelter.[2]

The Destroyer of Worlds

Helping S.H.I.E.L.D.

"We are going to try to make sure that this future never happens, okay? And to do that, we have to find Phillip J. Coulson."
"He can put all the pieces together."
"Yes. But he's lost, and I'm lost without him."
"Daisy, too. That's why you need each other so much."
Melinda May and Robin Hinton[src]

Robin and her mother Polly were taken out of the Retreat when Daisy Johnson went to see them in order to have Robin's assistance to find Phil Coulson, who had been captured by HYDRA. Robin and Polly boarded a Quinjet flown by James Davis, who took them into the Zephyr One. During the flight, Robin was approached by Johnson, who assured her of her understanding as Robin had stopped drawing due to being frightened by what she saw in her visions. Robin was asked whether she could help to find Coulson, but she remained more taciturn than ever and did not speak a word.

In the Zephyr One, Robin met Melinda May, and due to what she had seen in the future, called May her mother and told her that she knew Flint would help the S.H.I.E.L.D. team to come back from the future. Robin then remained in the plane, drawing as usual with her actual mother beside her. Robin was joined by May, who reviewed her drawings and asked whether Robin had stopped drawing once because she had foreseen the Destruction of Earth. Just like with Johnson, Robin was asked for help into finding Coulson in order to avert such a catastrophe. Robin replied that Coulson was the one who could "put the pieces back together", but also stated that Coulson would die.

Robin ultimately produced a drawing which could help S.H.I.E.L.D. to locate Coulson, as it actually represented Coulson and Glenn Talbot having escaped from the HYDRA Preparatory Academy. Robin then sat in the plane and asked her mother Polly to come and sit next to her, calling her "Mommy".[2]


"I'll just take your damn soothsayer powers! Cut to the chase!"
"No, you won't."
"Of course not. You're just a kid. But I will find a way to win you over."
Glenn Talbot and Robin Hinton[src]

Robin and her mother Polly were sheltered in the Lighthouse, which had become S.H.I.E.L.D. underground base of operations. However, one day, Robin and Polly returned into their room only to find Glenn Talbot, who had been imprisoned by HYDRA for six months before being rescued along with Phil Coulson. Talbot expressed interest in Robin's powers, who recognized him as "The General", who she had seen in her visions and drawn about. Robin was then asked by Talbot about details concerning her drawings depicting the Destruction of Earth.

Robin and Polly were unaware that Talbot, who had been indoctrinated by the Faustus method, was actually a HYDRA sleeper agent tasked with kidnapping Robin to bring her to General Hale. Robin remained mostly powerless as Talbot attacked and incapacitated her mother. When Talbot told Robin that she would come with him, Robin simply stated that she already knew that.

Hinton is kidnapped by Glenn Talbot

Robin was taken near the Lighthouse's hangar, with Talbot hoping that they could leave the base unnoticed. However, they were stopped by Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie, who had figured out what Talbot was up to. Despite Talbot being torn between his orders under the Faustus program and his will to do the right thing under Coulson's plea, Robin was eventually able to flee from him and got to Mackenzie, who took her to safety away from Talbot.[6]

Due to what they had suffered in the Lighthouse, Robin and Polly were taken to another safe place under Tony Caine's supervision. Before Caine left them, Robin handed him over a drawing which actually represented Sinara, although Caine could not imagine what it actually depicted.[7] Nevertheless, Robin and Polly were later found by Talbot, who had gone mad with power after infusing himself with Gravitonium, and who kidnapped them both, put them into a Quinjet he took to space and ordered Robin to tell him where he could find more of the dangerous element to increase his powers.[8]

Sensing a Change

Hinton is threatened by Glenn Talbot

"Something's different."
―Robin Hinton[src]

Robin and her mother Polly were taken into the remnants of Qovas' Ship, which Glenn Talbot was directing to Earth. Robin was then asked by Talbot to point on a world map the location where Robin had seen him mining Gravitonium. However, Robin refused to do so, prompting Talbot to threaten to absorb her so he would gain her powers and find the Gravitonium himself, although Robin stated that he would not, which Talbot confirmed, claiming that Robin was just a child.

While Talbot momentarily left her side, Robin was told by Polly that she was doing great and that she should never help Talbot. However, Robin knew that if she did not, she would never see her mother again. Indeed, the two Remorath soldiers accompanying Talbot seized Polly and dragged her away, causing Robin to scream in horror. Talbot then once again asked for the location of the Gravitonium, and Robin was forced to tell him to head to Chicago.

Hinton fears for her mother's life

Robin survived the crash of the spaceship in Chicago. She managed to escape the carcass into a damaged building, where she was found by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie. Crying, Robin rushed to hug May and told them that Polly was still held prisoner in the ship. Robin remained with May while Mackenzie left to find Polly, but upon being joined by Leo Fitz, they remembered that Polly was not alive in the future Robin had foreseen. This caused May and Fitz to try and search for Polly as well while Robin remained alone, waiting for them to return.

Hinton perceives a difference in the course of events

Much to her relief, Robin could be reunited with her mother, who had been saved by the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. They quickly made their way in order to leave the building on the verge of collapse, but as they were going downstairs, Robin sensed that something differed from her previous visions. Indeed, the future she had predicted was the result of Phil Coulson taking a cure for his deadly condition; Coulson, being aware of Robin's predictions about him, had actually elected to give up on the cure and to secretly give it to Quake, which proved to be the decisive element in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s victory over Talbot.

As a result, the timeline was altered and Robin's horrific visions never came to pass. In the aftermath of the Battle of Chicago, all of Robin's drawings pertaining to this dystopian future, including two depicting respectively the Time Di'Alla and Kasius, were burnt by Daisy Johnson.[9]


"You're doing good. Don't help him."
"But if I don't, this will be the last time I see you."
Polly Hinton and Robin Hinton[src]

As a little girl, Robin was a smiling child who liked being with her mother Polly. However, as her Inhuman powers were revealed and developed through Terrigenesis, Robin grew to be progressively more taciturn, being lost between times and seeing countless events from both the past and the future, including the death of people she liked. Her mother Polly frequently regretted that she was not able to understand what her daughter was feeling, as Hinton seemed to be trapped in a world of her own.

Robin seemed hardly affected by her surroundings, including events which would have caused a normal little girl to cry or be afraid. She was unfazed when she announced to Leo Fitz and Lance Hunter that the military was coming for all of them, or when Glenn Talbot attempted to kidnap her. However, Robin occasionally showed some deep emotions: when Polly was dragged away from her by the Remorath, she screamed in horror; she was also later found in tears by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when she told them that Polly was imprisoned in a crashed Remorath spaceship. Conversely, Robin also expressed joy when seeing Melinda May, due to mistaking her for her foster mother like what happened in her visions of an apocalyptic future, and when Polly was waved from the Remorath spaceship by S.H.I.E.L.D..


"Past, present, future, it's all the same to her, all mixed up."
Polly Hinton to Leo Fitz[src]
  • Inhuman Physiology: Robin Hinton is an Inhuman who achieved her genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.
    • Chrono Vision: Hinton has the ability to see the past, present, and future. However, her visions do not follow a linear sequence; worse, due to the immensity of her gift, she has no control over them and often gets lost in her head, frequently confusing what time period she is in. Hinton is also capable of seeing across alternate futures and is aware of any substantial changes to a timeline, though seemingly not specifically what has changed to make a timeline impossible. During the Battle of Chicago which in the original timeline was a prelude to the Destruction of Earth, Hinton sensed that something had changed and the timelines had diverged. Hinton's visions, which were usually depicted on drawings, included but were not limited to:


  • Lighthouse: Robin was taken into the Lighthouse along with her mother Polly by Enoch in order for her to be safe from General Hale, who sought to capture Robin to use her powers. She was then taken out of the Lighthouse for another secure location by Lance Hunter. Robin and her mother returned to the Lighthouse after Robin's assistance was required to locate Phil Coulson. However, she later left the facility after she was nearly kidnapped by Glenn Talbot.
  • Retreat: In order to guarantee her safety, Robin was sheltered in the S.H.I.E.L.D. facility known as the Retreat, from which she was later taken out by Daisy Johnson so that she could help S.H.I.E.L.D. to find Phil Coulson, who had been captured by HYDRA.






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