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"It's never too late to be a family. I'll find a way to make everything okay again, I promise."
―Robert Minoru to Nico Minoru[src]

Robert Minoru was the co-founder of Wizard and a member of PRIDE. He was the husband of Tina Minoru and the father of Amy and Nico Minoru. Robert was devastated by the death of Amy, which caused him and his wife to grow apart to the point that Robert started an affair with fellow PRIDE member Janet Stein. When this was publicly revealed by Janet's husband Victor, Robert briefly left the house he shared with Tina and Nico, hoping to live with Janet, but his lover ended their relationship. Robert was willing to sacrifice himself instead of Janet to revive Victor, but was eventually saved by Tina, who allowed him to return home so they could try and resume their relationship. Upon learning that Amy had actually been assassinated by Jonah, Robert resolved to kill him in revenge.

Robert kept working with the other members of PRIDE to locate the Runaways in the same time as their secret plan to murder Jonah. Robert tried to confront Jonah on his own, relying on the Inhibitor Pods of his own invention to weaken him, and nearly succeeded before being knocked out and returned to PRIDE. He then continued to contribute to the PRIDE's efforts to find their children, although he was worried about the harm that they could do to them. He and Tina faced their daughter Nico during a confrontation at the PRIDE Headquarters and nearly defeated her, but the Staff of One provided her with an incredible energy she used to attack her parents. Robert was heavily wounded in the fight, despite this, he survived the battle. However, he was unaware that his wife was actually possessed by a Gibborim known as the Magistrate's Daughter.

Robert spent several months in the coma until he was fully healed by Morgan le Fay, who enchanted him as part of her plan to take over the world. Under le Fay's influence, Robert rejected Tina and made le Fay the new CEO of Wizard, helping her to plan the worldwide distribution of Corvus phones. However, he was eventually released from the spell when Tina broke the amulet le Fay had given him, and attempted to help Nico and Tina steal the Darkhold from le Fay. He was discovered and confronted by le Fay, who murdered him by taking back the life she had instilled in his wounded body. Before dying, Robert found the strength to give his WizGlass to Nico, which contained a visual recording of the Darkhold.


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"A little bold for a man who puts spiders outside when he finds them in his house."
"The only spider that ever made it into the Minoru house is standing right in front of me."
Jonah and Robert Minoru[src]

Robert Minoru is one of the more compassionate members of PRIDE, compared to his wife Tina. Warm and gentle, he is more supportive of Nico. Following the death of his eldest daughter Amy, Robert has had an icy relationship with Tina. While Tina was considerably more dominant over him, Robert intends on cheating on her with Janet Stein, especially since she has an abusive husband. Amy's death has also left Robert with a sense of guilt over not being able to protect her.


"Doubt all you want, but my entire advantage is the fact that people underestimate me."
―Robert Minoru[src]
  • Expert Engineer: As the co-founder of Wizard, Robert is extremely tech-savvy. He designed PRIDE's facial recognition software to locate their children, and even modified Karolina Dean's bracelet's range and intensity to harm Jonah. He also helped Victor and Janet Stein develop high-tech weapons to neutralize the Runaways.
  • Bilingualism: Robert is fluent in both English and Japanese.
  • Combatant: Robert is proficient in hand-to-hand combat, and was able to hold his own against Nico.



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  • In the comics, Robert Minoru was a dark wizard, who hid under the disguise of a pious and religious man.

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