"911, what's your emergency?"
"Uh, Spider-Man is fighting the Avengers. In a bank on 21st Street."
―911 dispatcher and Mr. Delmar[src]

The Robbery of the Queens Community Bank was a bank heist committed by a quartet of petty criminals to break into Queens Community Bank and steal several large sums of cash from the ATM machines, using supplied weaponry from Adrian Toomes and his crew. While they managed to carry out both objectives, they were nearly thwarted by Spider-Man.


Working with Iron Man

"You ever been to Germany?"
Tony Stark to Peter Parker[src]

In June 2016, after Bucky Barnes successfully escaped from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building, Tony Stark convinced Thaddeus Ross to give him 36 hours to capture the renegade assassin.

Feeling undermanned despite the allies already on his side, Stark made his way to Queens, New York City and recruited high school student Peter Parker, who possessed spider-like abilities and used them to help civilians as Spider-Man.

Parker agreed to help Stark, provided that his aunt remained unaware of his activities. As a show of thanks, Stark gifted his new ally with a high-tech suit and upgraded web-shooters, which Parker later used to fight Captain America and his faction during the Clash of the Avengers.[2]

Colorful Local Crimestopper

Peter texting Happy

Peter Parker texting Happy Hogan for his next mission

"I just feel like I could be doing more."

Later, Tony Stark personally escorted an overenthusiastic Peter Parker back to the United States and allowed the teenager to keep the advanced equipment on the condition that he remained below the radar. Despite Parker's eagerness, Stark insisted that he was not yet ready to join the Avengers.

Spider-Man - Churro (Homecoming)

Spider-Man gives an update to Happy Hogan

Over the next several months, Parker became determined to prove himself to Stark. After resuming his studies in September 2016, he quit Midtown School's decathlon team and other extracurricular activities in order to focus on "the Stark internship," which he used as a cover for his crime-fighting duties. Despite all the good he was doing, ranging from taking down a bicycle thief to helping an old woman with directions, Parker felt the need to do more.[1]


SMH Trailer2 12

Spider-Man notices a robbery at the Queens Community Bank

"What's up, guys? Forgot your PIN number? Whoa! You're the Avengers! What are you guys doing here? Thor, Hulk – nice to finally meet you guys. Thought you'd be more handsome in person. Iron Man! What are you doing robbing a bank? You're a billionaire."
Spider-Man to the Criminal Avengers[src]

While finishing his evening patrol one night, Peter Parker left a voicemail for Happy Hogan's phone in which he explained how he had helped a few people, hoping this would help get him into the Avengers so he could be a real hero at last and be able to make a real difference. Spider-Man was in the process of leaving after capturing his web cartridge when he noticed four masked thieves infiltrating the Queens Community Bank and decided to follow them.

SMH Fan's Guide 23

Spider-Man attempts to stop the Criminal Avengers

Casually entering the bank, he watched the men use advanced weapons to rip open the ATM machines. Spider-Man made his presence known, sarcastically referring to them as the real Avengers, and engaged them in battle. The teenage vigilante managed to subdue the thieves with little effort only for one of them to brandish an Anti-Gravity Gun and use it to try and incapacitate him.

As Spider-Man recovered and broke free, one of the thugs attempted to use the Chitauri Blowtorch on him, however, the weapon exploded, leveling the bank to a nearby Delmar's Deli-Grocery in the process. Realizing that Mr. Delmar was still in the bodega, Spider-Man left the destroyed bank and rescued the bodega owner and his cat before leaving the scene.[1]


Spectrum News - Queens ATM Robbery

NY1' report on Spider-Man

"The beloved Queens institution was destroyed earlier tonight after an ATM robbery was thwarted by Queens' own colorful local crime-stopper, the Spider-Man. As the Spider-Man attempted to foil their heist, a powerful blast set off, slicing through the bodega across the street. Miraculously, no one was harmed."
NY1 News Reporter[src]

Following the incident, NY1 captured and reported on the aftermath during the news. Peter Parker, who was eating at the Prachya Thai with his Aunt May, observed the broadcast and was advised by May to run from crimes like the robbery.[1]

In regards of Mr. Delmar's business, he and Murph moved on from the destruction of Delmar's Deli-Grocery. Eight years later, they were now owning Delmar's Deli & Grill.[3]


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