"I found your guns."
"Now you're talking. Who's buying 'em?"
"Homeland Security."
"Yeah. See, I've been reading e-mails all night. NYPD, ATF, Customs, they've all been warned off."
Micro and Punisher[src]

The Robbery of the Greek Mob's Arsenal was a tactical operation organized by Homeland Security in order to arrest members of the Greek Mob which was interrupted by Punisher and Micro who obtained the Greek Mob's weaponry.


"The exchange is set for tomorrow at a warehouse on the docks. Agent Sampson is our buyer. Snipers will post here, here and here. Our seller is coming in from Newark by road. Bowers and Sinclair will make sure that the weapons make it off the boat and then follow them across. No engagement from the follow car, no matter what happens. The second the money exchanges hands, the arrest team moves in quick, clean, tie it up in a bow and ready for the US attorney."
Sam Stein[src]
Greek Mob organized the delivery of a large batch of illegal weapons to New Jersey. They offered Turk Barrett to sell some of the weapons on the streets, but it was a too hard sell for him. Greeks found another contact to sell it and organized transporting of weapons to Jersey on a freighter. Acting on information from Micro, Frank Castle ambushed Barrett and extracted information about delivery.

Meanwhile, United States Department of Homeland Security received information about Greeks and organized a tactical operation to intercept them on American soil and arrest them. Greeks thought that they make a deal with the criminal buyer. Homeland contacted with New York City Police Department, ATF, U.S. Customs and Border Protection to keep them away from Red Hook Pier so that they do not interfere.

However, Micro hacked Homeland's computers and learned about an operation. He downloaded tactical plans and informed Castle. Castle decided to intervene in operation. He killed local criminal Mazur and stolen Ford Mustang.[1]


"Maybe you should've stuck to the plan."
"Frank. You were driving right at her. Was this stupid, bullshit, macho game of chicken part of the plan? If they catch you, I don't see my family. So I made a decision."
Frank Castle and Micro[src]
Homeland Security arrived at Red Hook Pier and began preparing to ambush. Two tactical teams and snipers were located on their positions. Dinah Madani supervised operation from mobile hub disguised as a taco van and Sam Stein controlled agents at streets. Agents Bowers and Sinclair followed Greek Mob's truck.

Punisher and Micro arrived at Pier too. Lieberman hacked Homeland's communications and Castle waited on the position to intercept the truck. When the truck reached Castle's position, Lieberman muffled Homeland's audio by broadcast the Donna Summer's song "I Feel Love" and hacked their video feeds created a looped video. All communications were corrupted and Castle leaped on the truck. He threw the driver away and sat on the driver's seat. Agents continued followed him before the truck stopped at the pier. They came to the truck but Castle threatened them using a flamethrower and forced them to jump into the water so they did not pursue him.

Punisher car chase

The Punisher drives away from Dinah Madani

Lieberman arrived in the truck and sat down behind his wheel and Castle take Mustang. However, Madani guessed that they hooked a loop and take a car to find the truck. She found Castle and Lieberman before they could escape. Castle managed Micro to head to the highway while Castle cut her. He drove to another side to distract Madani. Chase continued until they were opposite each other. They started to go ahead and the collision was inevitable but Lieberman crashed into Madani at full speed and knocked her off the road. Castle ordered scared Lieberman to drove to the hideout and saved unconscious Madani. However, she woke up and recognize her savior. She asked if he had killed Carson Wolf and he confirmed this by saying that he was dirty. He told her to stay away from him and left her before her car exploded.[1]


"The operation was by the numbers and you ran it well. Right up until the point where you went Steve McQueen and had to do it all yourself."
"What was I supposed to do? I almost had the bastards."
"Instead, they almost killed you. The OIG is going to investigate. How can they not? Truck full of guns just went missing. I suggest you cooperate fully."
Rafael Hernandez and Dinah Madani[src]
At the hideout, Micro furiously blamed Frank Castle for his reckless decision. He was afraid that Dinah Madani enters Castle's name into the system which means that Agent Orange will learn about them. However, Madani decided not to mention his name and continued her own investigation but she informed Stein. Office of the Inspector General was going to investigate for draining information but they did not give information about Castle because in the agency could be infiltrators.[2]


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