"He hacks into the security system, and transfers millions back to the people that they stole it from."
"Posts all the bank records online."
"And he drove the dude’s Bentley into a swimming pool."
Luis and Dave[src]

The Robbery of Vistacorp, otherwise known as the Vistacorp Job, was a planned robbery by Scott Lang on both Vistacorp Headquarters and VistaCorp CEO Geoff Zorick's mansion, out of revenge against Zorick and the company after they had committed corporate fraud by extorting and illegally charging four million dollars worth of funds from their clients.


"They were overcharging the customers, right? And it added up to millions. He blows the whistle and he gets fired."

Scott Lang accepted a job working at Vistacorp, only to discover that the company was overcharging its customers. Lang attempted to fix the code, believing it to be an error. However, the company's CEO, Geoff Zorick, scolded him and ordered him to change it back. Lang attempted to report this to Human Resources, but was fired and smeared in the newspaper. Lang spoke to his wife, Maggie, about it, and Maggie asked him not to steal the money back for their daughter's sake. However, Lang decided to do so anyway.[1]


"You broke into the home of your former boss and stole four million dollars."
"No, no, no. I actually refunded four million dollars to customers Vistacorp was stealing from."
Christine Everhart and Scott Lang[src]

Scott Lang discretely entered Vistacorp Headquarters, disabling the security system. He plugged his computer into the mainframe, entering the proper code to return the stolen money to Vistacorp's customers. He entered Geoff Zorick's office and smugly sat in his chair, inspired by the fact that Zorick was vacationing.

He went to Zorick's mansion and was filmed on a security camera ten blocks away and discretely entered the mansion..[2] He fed the guard dogs chicken in order to placate them, stealing jewelry to give to his wife[1] and further returning money on Zorick's home computer. He disabled the security camera[2] and was prepared to leave, but then saw a Bentley and considered the way Zorick treated Lang. Lang took Zorick's Bentley and drove it into the swimming pool. While Lang enjoyed his work, the police arrived and arrested him.[1] Dove fixed the camera three hours later, and the footage was submitted to his court case. The car was so damaged that in the video, trying to pull it out of the pool only caused it to break further.[2]


"Scott, I've been watching you for a while. Ever since you robbed Vistacorp. Oh, excuse me, "burgled" Vistacorp. Vista's security system is one of the most advanced in the business, it's supposed to be unbeatable but you beat it."
Hank Pym[src]

Scott Lang was sentenced to five years[3] in prison for the robbery, and his wife, Maggie Lang, filed for divorce. She began dating police officer James Paxton and the two raised Maggie and Scott's daughter. The robbery caught the attention of Hank Pym, who would remember Lang three years later when he needed someone to help rob Pym Technologies, which had been taken over by Darren Cross.[4]

The news sided with Vistacorp when reporting the robbery, believing Scott Lang to simply be a thief who wanted the money for himself. Lang was interviewed about the robbery a week before his early release by WHiH World News reporter Christine Everhart, during which he maintained his stance about Vistacorp's theft and accused Everhart of bias, since WHiH was owned by Vistacorp.[5]


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