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"I thought you were supposed to be monitoring them online."
"I was. I did. But you know sometimes you gotta get your hands dirty, or a broken orbital."
"You're lucky that's all you got. He's strong."
Sam Wilson and Joaquín Torres[src]

The Robbery of Gasel Bank was a robbery that was planned and executed by the Flag Smashers.


"They call themselves the Flag Smashers."
"Is that a new thing? Bad guys give themselves bad names."
"There's a lot worse names than that one. But basically, they think that the world was better during the Blip. Trust me, it wasn't."
Joaquín Torres and Sam Wilson[src]

When Thanos wiped out fifty percent of all life in the universe, the nations and people of the world had to unite, working together as one people. After the Avengers enacted the Blip, they restored the vanished which affected billions of people and the situation in the world. Due to the complicated nature of the matter, the Global Repatriation Council was founded to restore the world's borders and relocate people after the Blip.

However, GRC's actions were not approved by a significant portion of the population, including Karli Morgenthau who founded the Flag Smashers movement, intending to bring the society back to the post-Snap state. Morgenthau and the Flag Smashers stole the Super Soldier Serum variant created by Wilfred Nagel which granted them enhanced abilities.[1]


Dovich fights Joaquín Torres

"I don't know how jurisdiction works here, but I'mma have to place you under arrest."
Joaquín Torres to Dovich[src]

The Flag Smashers planned to rob the Gasel Bank in Switzerland and spread the information to their supporters within civilians. As a part of their plan, Karli Morgenthau handed out masks to them, making civilians indistinguishable from the robbers about to perform the bank heist. While the gathering of masked civilians created the chaos, Dovich took the advantage of it and robbed the bank. The robbery was filmed by Joaquín Torres who then attempted to stop Dovich, only to be brutally beaten by him. The police arrived at the scene to arrest the Flag Smashers, but they killed one officer and injured others before escaping.[2]


"They went dark as soon as it was all over. But that's their M.O. We just gotta keep our eyes and ears to the ground till they pop up again."
Joaquín Torres to Sam Wilson[src]

The robbery of Gasel Bank put the Flag Smashers into the public spotlight and brought the attention of the governments, as well as Falcon and the Winter Soldier. They targeted the Flag Smashers in Munich and attempted to stop them from stealing vaccines from the Global Repatriation Council, before Captain America and Battlestar join them. The Flag Smashers, however, managed to escape regardless, so Interpol issued an arrest warrant on them.[1]