"We go in, we take out the guard. The two of us cover the room. One of us scoops up the cash, and one outside in the car."
"What's the catch? Why isn't someone hitting this every week?"
"It's protected by the Gnuccis."
Lance and Paulie[src]

The Robbery at Linello's was an attempt by the combined forces of Lance, Paulie, Leo and Donny Chavez to steal from the Gnucci Crime Family.


"Hey, look, we got a thing tonight. Make us some real money. But Scut going down has left us a man short. I ain't gonna lie to you, Donny. This ain't exactly legal. You got the balls for it?"
"Hey, man, I got plenty of balls."
Paulie and Donny Chavez[src]

During their shift, Lance and Paulie conversed on searching for another method of earning money to repay the Gnucci's. Paulie mentioned committing a robbery with the boys, in which they stole from the Gnucci and used the money to repay their debts. The two were distracted by the Scut' scream, who was injured.

Later that evening, Lance turned to Donny Chavez to replace Scut in their approaching, telling him not to ask question but adding that it was illegal. He accepted the offer.[3]


"Shit, you really screwed this up, Donald."
Tony Gnucci to Donny Chavez[src]

Donny Chavez accidentally reveals his identity

Driving the car to Linello's, armed themselves with pistols and wore ski masks to hide their faces. Entering inside, the men took Moose down that sat by and threatened Tony Gnucci and his companions while Chavez bagged their money. During the robbery, however, they began to panic, as Chavez's identity is revealed via his dropped wallet. Quickly, Lance and crew loaded into the car and drove back to the construction site.[3]


Lance, Paulie and Leo attacks Donny Chavez

"It's in the basement of a restaurant. Linello's in Little Italy."
Lance to Frank Castle[src]

Lance, Paulie, and Leo began to assault Donny Chavez for his mistake at Linello's, plotting to bury him in cement. Pete Castiligione decided to save Chavez. He killed Lance and his crew and cast a rope over one side of the cement pit, Donny Chavez, who used it to climb out. He drove to Linello's and took care of the Gnucci Crime Family.[3]


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