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"All that moving around, it must get lonely, huh?"
"I had this friend, said that we're all lonely. And all life is, is just trying not to be."
Beth Quinn and Frank Castle

Roadhouse Blues is the first episode of the second season of the television series The Punisher.


While driving through Michigan, Frank stops for a beer at a roadside bar. But staying out of trouble has never been his strong suit.


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A year after a confrontation with William Rawlins, Frank Castle left New York City and decided to travel across the United States of America to find a new life for himself. Castle makes a brief stop in Michigan and attends Lola's Roadhouse to take some beer and watch Shooter Jennings' performance. At the bar, he is encountered by Amy Bendix who teases him a bit before taking a seat.

Later, Castle notices Johnny, harassing Beth Quinn as she refused to drink with him. Castle defends Quinn, while Johnny was kicked out of the bar. Impressed with Castle's chivalry, Quinn invites him to her house after her shift and Castle agrees.


Meanwhile, in Chicago, John Pilgrim interrogates Sergei Konchevsky about his business within the Russian Mafia in New York. Suddenly, Konchevsky is contacted by Bendix who informs him that Fiona and her entire crew were massacred but the pictures for those Konchevsky paid are with her. As Pilgrim was listening, Bendix arranges a meeting with Konchevsky in Lola's Roadhouse to exchange the pictures for money. Pilgrim then kills Konchevsky and orders his mercenaries to find Bendix and take her to him.

At Quinn's place, she talks with Castle about her background and her son, Rex. Castle spends the night with Quinn, revealing her his true identity and telling about his family being brutally killed. On the next morning, Quinn takes Castle to the motel where he stayed and he says that he is going to leave Michigan at night. Quinn proposes him to stay a bit longer and meet her at the bar again. Castle changes his mind and returns to the bar to spend more time with Quinn.

Taking a rest at Good Rest Motel, Bendix attends Lola's Roadhouse where she was waiting for Konchevsky only to notice a group of mercenaries, led by Marlena Olin. Trying to escape through the window in the bathroom, Bendix is approached by Olin's men who beat her. However, they are confronted by Castle who quickly kills or subdues all attackers in front of him. Bendix convinces Castle to help her avoid the rest of their attackers.

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Castle emerges into a showdown with the other members of Olin's crew, starting a brutal bar brawl, with Ringo being killed and Quinn shot in the shoulder. Defeating all hostiles again by killing or subduing them, Castle with Bendix takes wounded Quinn to his van to get her to the hospital. En route to the Ecorse Hope Hospital, Castle is followed by more mercenaries, but proceeds to either kill or injure all of them and leaves Quinn for the care of paramedics. Castle refuses to let Bendix go and drives away from the state, together with her.

Pilgrim, together with Ferrara, arrives at Lola's Roadhouse to see the aftermath of the incident in person. Pilgrim orders Ferrera to cover the event as the turf was and track down Bendix and Castle, keeping local police away from him. Looking at the footage from surveillance cameras, Pilgrim admits Castle's fighting skills and notices that he is some kind of "unleashed dog" and find him will be the tough goal.

In New York, Dinah Madani visits Billy Russo at Sacred Saints Hospital, as she has done several times. As Madani leaves, Russo suddenly wakes up.


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Song title Artist Location(s)w
The Outsider Shooter Jennings, Theo A. Kamp, James Douglass, John F. Schreffler, Jr. and Aubrey Richmond
Outlaw You Shooter Jennings, Theo A. Kamp, James Douglass, John F. Schreffler, Jr. and Aubrey Richmond
Wild & Lonesome Shooter Jennings, Theo A. Kamp, James Douglass, John F. Schreffler, Jr. and Aubrey Richmond
The Other Life Shooter Jennings, Theo A. Kamp, James Douglass, John F. Schreffler, Jr. and Aubrey Richmond
The Real Me Shooter Jennings, Theo A. Kamp, James Douglass, John F. Schreffler, Jr. and Aubrey Richmond
Me and Bobby McGee
(Roger Miller cover)
Janis Joplin


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