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"I'm gonna take you home, okay?"
"How about Riverbank Medical Center?"
"Right, of course, you took a blow to the head. But Metro's closer."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Riverbank Medical Center, or Riverbank Hospital, is a municipal hospital located in New York City.


Searching for Corpse

Since Albert Thompson had been kidnapped by Kilgrave, and they had no idea of his fate, Jessica Jones and Trish Walker decided to look into the Riverbank Medical Center to find out if his corpse has been sent to the morgue. There, they met Maury Tuttlebaum, who refused to let them in. However, Walker told him how famous she was and that she would let him have a high-class dinner if they let them see the bodies. Tuttlebaum agreed and let them inside the morgue where he showed them the corpse of a man who was hit by a car. Jones figured out that the corpse is not Thompson and Jones asked him to inform her about new corpses.

Jessica Jones and Trish Walker in a morgue

Jones returned to Riverbank, after receiving a message from Tuttlebaum about the incoming corpse. The morgue's employee said that Tuttlebaum finished his shift but he mentioned body from the Decommissioned CDC Facility. Jones asked her to look at the body but she refused, sending her for permission. At the night, Jones broke into the morgue, only to find the burnt body of Oscar Clemons, taking note of a bullet hole in his head, and that the facility was burnt down. Jones then called Walker, informing her about Clemons' body and asked her to meet at her apartment.[1]

Identifying the Head

In order to identify skull from the Leslie Hansen's apartment, Jessica Jones broke into the Riverbank while Trish Walker stayed at Maury Tuttlebaum's office. Jones found his computer with a password and added information about the new corpse before calling Walker. Tuttlebaum greeted Walker in her office who asked her to check the new corpse from Orchard Street. He found information about the corpse in his list and then Walker asked him to inform her about identification. In exchange, he asked for a seat in a restaurant in Beirut what Walker accepted.[2]

Treating Trish Walker

Following the explosion in the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility, Trish Walker was sent to Riverbank for emergency treatment. Jones then confronted Malcolm Ducasse, pushing him away before Ducasse left and said that he resigned from the Alias Investigations.[3]

Attack on Riverbank Medical Center

"We're gonna need backup at Riverbank."
"I'm telling you, if she sees the cops, she will flatten anybody in her way!"
Eddy Costa and Jessica Jones[src]
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Treating Rostam Kazemi

Neda Kazemi is questioned by Karen Page

"Anyway, he and his daughter were attacked outside a restaurant last night. He's in a coma at Riverbank Hospital, think it might be a kidnapping attempt."
Mitchell Ellison to Karen Page[src]

Comatose Rostam Kazemi was brought to Riverbank after the failed kidnapping attack. Karen Page arrived at the hospital where she found his daughter Neda to interview her. In the beginning, Kazemi refused to talk with the press, however, Page convinced her that people will create their own story and Kazemi better tell the truth by herself. She then told Page about the attack and said that they were saved by the man in black mask.

Later, Kazemi was visited by Daredevil who informed her that criminals who attacked her father were arrested. He said Kazemi to testify against them in the 15th Precinct Police Station.[4]

Wounded FBI Agents

Ray Nadeem meets Tammy Hattley

"Andrews is back under the knife. They think they can save his liver."
Tammy Hattley to Ray Nadeem[src]

In the wake of the Ambush on the FBI's Convoy, multiple FBI agents were killed or seriously wounded by the Albanian Syndicate while they were attempting to protect Wilson Fisk. Wounded agents were taken to Riverbank where they were visited by their friends and families. Eventually, several agents were saved, including Andrews who had a bullet in the liver. Ray Nadeem arrived at Riverbank to check his colleagues' state where he met with Tammy Hattley. Discussing the ambush with Hattley, Nadeem was met by his wife Seema who embraced him without any words, knowing the trauma and regret that Nadeem was feeling in this moment.[5]

Attack on the New York Bulletin Building

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