The River's End Police Station is one of the main police stations in River's End, New York.


New Inmate

Deke Cell

Deke Shaw is locked up in the police station

Unfamiliar with the customs of what was the past to him, Deke Shaw found himself drunk in Mike's Beer without anything to pay for the drinks, which led to his arrest by the River's End Police Department. Shaw was locked in a cell where he constantly talked about his amazement at what he discovered following his time travel, although Chief Wellins and Officer Kennedy remained indifferent to his speech.

Daisy Johnson (5x11)

Daisy Johnson arrives at the police station

Fearing that Shaw could disclose information about S.H.I.E.L.D., Daisy Johnson journeyed to River's End Police Station. Posing as Shaw's social worker, she successfully convinced Wellins to release Shaw. However, Johnson was recognized by Kennedy, who decided to call the authorities to report her. Despite that, Johnson and Shaw took advantage of a moment of distraction to leave the police station.[1]


Hale River's End Police Station

Hale and Wellins discuss Deke Shaw's arrest

Alerted by Officer Kennedy, General Hale and her aide Candice Lee went to the River's End Police Station. Hale requested to see the security footage of the police station to confirm Daisy Johnson's identity. In the meantime, Lee reclaimed the information gathered on Deke Shaw by the policemen and ran a genetic identification, which led her to establish a connection between Shaw and Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, who were actually his grandparents.[2]


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