"Small town, big heart."
―City's Motto[src]

River's End is a town located in the state of New York near the shores of Lake Ontario.


"There are a few tunnels, but this one takes you underground to the charming, little town of River's End."

After returning from the future, a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrived in River's End. There they borrowed John Nickel's van to go to the place where Leo Fitz left the Zephyr One.

Deke River's End

Deke Shaw is transported to River's End

Meanwhile, Deke Shaw was transported to River's End, as well. Soon after materializing, he entered a local bar, Mike's Beer. At the bar, Shaw began drinking heavy amounts of alcohol, and enjoyed a cheeseburger with onion rings, all the while playing darts and watching television. Later, Shaw set to leave the bar, but Mike reminded him that he had to pay. Shaw attempted to run, but he quickly tripped over a pool table. Mike called the local police, and had Shaw arrested.

Daisy Johnson, posing as Shaw's social worker, Sinara Smith, arrived to the River's End Police Station where Shaw was locked up. She had Shaw released from custody and scolded him for his behavior, subtly mocking him by reminding of their first encounter. As they were about to exit the police station, officer Kennedy told them they had some documents to sign. After Johnson signed the last paper, she and Shaw went back to the Lighthouse.[1]

At the next day, General Hale and Candice Lee travelled to the police station where they met with the Chief Wellins where they learned about the incident with Johnson and Shaw. Lee informed her that Deke Shaw had no record and they found a genetic match with Shaw's DNA, which had matched him to Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons.

At that moment, Shaw was sent by Phil Coulson to River's End. He went to a pawn shop and collected several objects, including wedding rings and a wedding gown. He then contacted with former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents including Davis and Deathlok and called them to the Lighthouse.[2]


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