"You got two choices: you can walk out or I will carry your ass out... like him."
―Ringo to Frank Castle[src]

Ringo was a bouncer working at Lola's Roadhouse.


Security Guard

Ringo had worked as a security guard at Lola's Roadhouse, together with Beth Quinn When Frank Castle had gotten in a bar fight with Johnny due to the latter had attempted to stab Castle with a broken glass, Ringo disarmed Johnny and apprehended him. Ringo had threatened Castle to do the same to him, however, Quinn told him that Castle had helped her deal with Johnny, Ringo walked away to kick Johnny out of the bar, leaving Castle and Quinn.[1]

Chase of Amy Bendix

While Ringo was at the Lola's Roadhouse, group of mercenaries led by Marlena Olin started a bar brawl, so Ringo had to deal with it. Frank Castle and Ringo had started to battle the mercenaries after Beth had told Ringo to deal with them. Ringo fought mercenaries and ended up slamming one of them on the counter, weakening him. When Ringo picked him up, preparing to knock him out, another mercenary stabbed him.

Ringo attacked her, as she stabbed him multiple times, however, Ringo managed to slam her on a support beam, knocking her out. When an armed mercenary opened fire in order to kill Castle, Ringo sneaked up behind the mercenary and snapped his neck, killing him. However, Ringo ended up being shot multiple times in the chest by other mercenaries what killed him.[1]


"Hey, Ringo, you wanna deal with these assholes?"
Beth Quinn[src]
  • Expert Combatant: As a security guard, Ringo could hold his own in a fight to protect his customers, able to apprehend violent drunks like Johnny. He could fight off Marlena Olin's Crew for a long period of time along with Frank Castle, and it took a lot of damage to bring him down; although he was repeatedly punched and stabbed, he was able to lift one mercenary up and slam him on the bar, as well as snap another gunman's neck (which requires a force of up to 1,500 newtons/337 pounds of force). However, he ultimately succumbed to several gunshot wounds.






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