The Ring Blades[1] are traditional Wakandan weapons used by Nakia and Ruby Hale[2] made of Vibranium.


Wakandan Weapon

Vibranium-made Ring Blades were among the weapons used by the Wakandans. They were notably Nakia's weapon of choice.

River Tribe

Nakia carries Ring Blades during the Incoronation of T'Challa

During the Incoronation of T'Challa, Nakia carried Ring Blades as part of her ceremonial outfit, both during the dancing prior to the ceremony and during the incoronation ceremony itself.


Ramonda with a Ring Blade

Nakia took her Ring Blades when she exiled herself along with Ramonda, Shuri and Everett Ross following Erik Killmonger's victory over T'Challa. She left one Ring Blade to Ramonda so they could defend themselves while she briefly left to see what happened in the City of the Dead.[3]

Battle of Mount Bashenga

Having discovered T'Challa's survival, Nakia returned to the Golden City with T'Challa and Shuri. Once in Shuri's Lab, Nakia reclaimed a pair of advanced Ring Blades. Unlike the traditional ones, each weapon was constituted by two rings linked together by a blue energy field.

BP Teaser Trailer 56

Nakia takes advanded Ring Blades into battle

Nakia wielded her Ring Blades during the Battle of Mount Bashenga. At first, she and Shuri fought against Erik Killmonger himself, and although his Panther Habit enabled him to withstand Nakia's hits, she successfully disarmed him with her Ring Blades. However, Nakia was eventually overpowered and Killmonger threw her away in the middle of the battlefield. During the battle, both before and after the Jabari Tribe came in reinforcements, Nakia used her Ring Blades to take down many soldiers of the Border Tribe who were loyal to Killmonger.[3]

Ruby Hale's Weapons


Ruby Hale threatening to execute Glenn Talbot

"Look at me. Next time, it's her. And I won't use my fists."
Ruby Hale to Leo Fitz[src]

Far away from Wakanda, the highly skilled HYDRA operative Ruby Hale also owned a set of Ring Blades she used as her weapon of choice, having extensively trained to master these particular weapons. She used them to threaten Glenn Talbot once he was taken to the HYDRA Preparatory Academy by General Hale. She kept them in hand when Hale revealed the Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device to Talbot and raised her blades when Talbot discovered that Hale was a leader of HYDRA. However, Hale ordered Ruby to stand down.[4]


Ruby Hale slices off Yo-Yo Rodriguez's arms

Six months later, when Ruby was sent to the St. Louis Aerospace Facility with a group of Sleeper Mechs by her mother, she wielded her Ring Blades during the confrontation with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Thanks to the weapons, Ruby was able to slice off Yo-Yo Rodriguez's arms, forcing S.H.I.E.L.D. to retreat.[5]

Ruby also visited Phil Coulson with a Ring Blade in his cell at the Academy once he got captured by Hale. Believing to be the Destroyer of Worlds who had destroyed the Earth in the future Coulson had seen, Ruby put her Ring Blade on Coulson's throat when he told her that the destruction of the planet was due to Quake. Ruby kept her blade on Coulson's skin and demanded to know Quake's whereabouts, but Coulson refused to speak.[4]

Creel Ring Blade in Chest

Carl Creel resists to the Ring Blade

When Coulson, Talbot and Carl Creel attempted to escape from the Academy, Ruby equipped her Ring Blades and went to chase the prisoners. Ruby fought against Creel with her Ring Blade, cutting the fighting staff he wielded against her. Ruby and Creel had a brutal fight, but as she prepared to throw her blade at Creel, Ruby was told by her mother to stop as she needed Creel alive. Nevertheless, Ruby threw her weapon, but Creel absorbed the property of the wooden staff he still had, enabling him to withstand the hit.[6]


Ruby Hale fights Quake

Ruby then kept chasing Coulson and Talbot who had escaped with the teleportation device. She caught up with the fugitives and threw her Ring Blade at them, but they ducked to avoid it. As they kept running away, Ruby once again prepared to attack them, but she was attacked by Quake, who had come to rescue Coulson. Ruby used her Ring Blade during her subsequent duel against Quake and managed to slightly wound her, but she was ultimately overpowered and knocked unconscious by Quake's power. Deke Shaw attempted to confiscate the Ring Blade, but he got shot in the shoulder by Hale.

Simmons Ruby

Ruby Hale threatening Jemma Simmons

Ruby took her Ring Blades to the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility where she and Werner von Strucker planned on finding the Particle Infusion Chamber. They found Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons who had infiltrated into the facility, and upon discovering that they had damaged the equipment, Ruby held her Ring Blade at Simmons' throat, threatening to kill her if they did not fixed what they had broken.[7]

Ruby strapped Simmons to a chair and kept throwing her Ring Blade next to her, which greatly worried Fitz who convinced Ruby to release Simmons. However, when Ruby and von Strucker discovered that Fitz and Simmons were not working efficiently, Ruby severely beat up Fitz and once again threatened to kill Simmons with her Ring Blade. Once the Chamber was finally repaired, Ruby gave her Ring Blade to von Strucker as she went through the infusion with the Gravitonium.

Ruby Dead

Ruby Hale is murdered by her own weapon

However, the process turned out to be incredibly painful and Ruby quickly went insane. As Hale and Quake, who had come to the facility, attempted to calm her down, Rodriguez who had infiltrated with Fitz and Simmons joined them in the room and recognized Ruby as the one who had sliced off her arms. Filled with a desire of revenge, Rodriguez used her superhuman speed to seize Ruby's Ring Blade and slit her throat with it, thus killing Ruby with her own weapon.[8]


Being made of Vibranium, the Ring Blades are incredibly advanced and useful weapons, being lighter than steel-made weapons, all the while being able to absorb vibrations and being extremely resistant. As such, they could cut through a variety of materials, from human flesh and bones like when Ruby Hale sliced off Yo-Yo Rodriguez's arms to solid wood and even metal.

The Ring Blades could be adapted into various styles of combat. Both Nakia and Hale had a mixed fighting style, using the Ring Blades as both close-quarter and throwing weapons, which the weapon returning to its owner once thrown at an enemy.

The Ring Blades could also present different designs. Nakia's first Ring Blades, as well as Hale's, were made of a single ring with a handle. However, Nakia also used a pair of double ring weapons, with the larger and the smaller rings of one weapon being connected with a blue energy field.


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