"How could he be in the hole and get killed in a newspaper office at the same time?"
"Some pencil-pusher must've checked the wrong box and let him out by mistake."
Ray Nadeem and Riggle[src]

Riggle is the warden of Ryker's Island.


Attack on Prisoner

"How the hell did you let this happen?"
"Don't try to pin this shit on us. He's your snitch."
Ray Nadeem and Riggle[src]

Following the staged attack on Wilson Fisk at the Ryker's Island, Fisk bribed Riggle to make a false paperwork to release Jasper Evans. Later, Riggle escorted Ray Nadeem to Fisk's cell while Nadeem blamed him for letting this happen. However, Riggle denied, noting that Fisk's safety is FBI business.[1]

Questioned by Nadeem

"Look. I'm not trying to jam you up. I'm just trying to nail down how he got out. And who might have wanted him dead? I need answers, warden. You got nothing? Seriously?"
"I want my lawyer."
Ray Nadeem and Riggle[src]

After Ray Nadeem discovered evidence that Wilson Fisk arranged for Jasper Evans to shank him, and then Jasper was secretly released from Ryker's Island, he contacted with Riggle. Riggle then searched the prison and informed Nadeem that Evans disappeared.[2]

When Riggle arrived at the New York City FBI Office, Nadeem showed him Evans' picture and noted that he was supposed to spend a year in a hole for stabbing Fisk but instead he was found on the loose. Riggle then proposed that he was freed by mistake. Nadeem assured him that he was not trying to screw him but he needs answers how Evans made his wat out of prison. Instead, Riggle asked for a lawyer, making clear for Nadeem that he is more concerned with covering himself.[3]




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