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"Riga, a city near the Baltic Sea."
Sam Wilson[src]

Riga is the capital of Latvia.


Donya Madani's Death

In 2024, Donya Madani was kept at a Resettlement Camp in Riga, where the Flag Smashers went to unload their stolen supplies. While Karli Morgenthau played soccer with a group of kids, Dovich told her to check on Madani, who was dying. Morgenthau comforted Madani during her last moments of life and stayed with her after she succumbed to her tuberculosis, crying.[1]

Helmut Zemo's Return

While searching for Karli Morgenthau, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, and Helmut Zemo questioned Wilfred Nagel, who told them about a woman named Donya Madani. Joaquín Torres helped Wilson track Madani down to Riga, Latvia, so the trio flew there in Zemo's private jet. However, Barnes was approached by Ayo,[1] who insisted that Zemo be given to the Dora Milaje. Barnes convinced Ayo to give them time, and the three went to the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp to find Madani or Karli Morgenthau. While Barnes and Wilson did not get helpful information, Zemo approached a young girl, who told her when Madani's funeral would be. They returned to Zemo's residence, and they briefly discussed the Flag Smashers' goals. Zemo said that h knew where Madani's funeral would be, but refused to tell them. Meanwhile, Morgenthau and Nico recovered the remaining vials of Super Soldier Serum from Nico's grandfather's grave and went to Madani's funeral.

Zemo led Barnes and Wilson to where he would be meeting the young girl Zemo interacted with, when they were cut off by John Walker and Lemar Hoskins, who hesitantly agreed to follow the girl to the Flag Smashers and give Wilson time to talk to Morgenthau. Wilson entered during the funeral, and talked with Morgenthau about her cause. Wilson began to get Morgenthau to see that her actions were wrong, but Walker suddenly burst in and tried to arrest Morgenthau. Morgenthau believed Wilson to simply have been stalling, leading to a chase throughout the building. Zemo found Morgenthau and shot at her, causing her to drop the Super Soldier Serum. Nico rescued Morgenthau while Zemo destroyed the Serum, before getting knocked out by Walker, who took the remaining vial of serum.

Wilson, Barnes, Walker, Hoskins, and Zemo returned to Zemo's residence, and Walker demanded that they give Zemo over to him. However, Ayo, along with Nomble and Yama, interfered, resulting in a fight between Walker, Wilson, Barnes, and the Dora Milaje, in which Zemo escaped. The Dora Milaje left after easily defeating the Americans.[2]

Ambush at Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp

Karli Morgenthau threatened the lives of Sarah Wilson's sons, prompting Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes to rush to the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp after Morgenthau. Morgenthau asked Wilson to either join her cause or let her go, while John Walker and Lemar Hoskins entered the camp. Hoskins was kidnapped, and Walker to the Super Soldier Serum, making him stronger. Wilson and Barnes realized that Walker and Hoskins were in the camp and were the Flag Smashers' true targets, and rushed after him, joining the fight after Walker told them that they had Lemar. Lemar broke free and found Walker being held down by Nico while Morgenthau attacked Walker. Hoskins ran to defend Walker, causing Morgenthau to throw Hoskins against a support beam, killing him.

The Flag Smashers fled while Walker focused his energy on Nico, chasing him down and cornering him in a public street. Morgenthau watched discretely as Walker used his shield to kill Nico in public view, staining the shield. Wilson and Barnes joined the crowd and realized what Walker did while the rest of the Flag Smashers escaped.[2]

Walker fled the scene, overwhelmed by Lemar Hoskins' death and his own actions. Wilson and Barnes approached Walker, demanding that he stand down and give them the shield. Walker believed that Wilson's only aim was to get the shield, leading to a fight between the three men. Walker and Barnes barely managed to incapacitate Walker, as all three collapsed. Barnes dropped the shield in front of Wilson and left, while Wilson tried to wipe the blood off of the shield.[3]

Arrest of Resettlement Camp Members

The people who lived in the Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp were arrested for harboring the fugitive Flag Smashers, and the United States Armed Forces set up in the camp to deal with the fallout of the fight against them while John Walker was arrested. Bucky Barnes left to find Helmut Zemo, while Joaquín Torres arrived and said that there was nothing for Wilson to do without finding Morgenthau. Wilson left, taking the shield with him and telling Torres to keep the EXO-7 Falcon suit.[3]



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