"Good morning, New York. You are listening to The Ricky Langtry Show, and I am your host, Ricky Langtry."
Ricky Langtry[src]

The Ricky Langtry Show is a radio show in New York City that is hosted by Ricky Langtry.


Soon after the first bombings by Lewis Wilson in New York City, Ricky Langtry allowed for both the running senator Stan Ori and New York Bulletin reporter Karen Page to be on his podcast show. Once the host were obligated to record their views, Langtry spoke about the ongoing violence happening in New York City and the arising threats, with figures like Lewis Wilson and the Punisher, making themselves known publicly.

As the recording was rolling. Ori expresses his prominent voice in the anti-gun movement, saying if someone was trying to attack him gets shot in the head, it wouldn't look good. While Page was on different spectrum and proceeded to express her views on it by saying she now owns a gun in order to keep herself on the defense, as well as talking about the reckless actions about the bomber.

A caller began ringing on the podcast, Langtry proceeded to let the call be upfront and said that it was for Page itself. The caller was Wilson who acted out on his views on why the bombing had happened but Page counteracted his point of view, the call resulted into Wilson having to threaten both Page and Ori that there only a pawn and just looking out for themselves.[1]


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