Rick Ramirez is an agent of the Strategic Scientific Reserve that accompanied Peggy Carter and Jack Thompson in a mission to Russia.


Mission Prep

Rick Ramirez was chosen by Jack Thompson to accompany him and Mike Li on a mission to Belarus to apprehend Howard Stark; the Remote Typewriter sent a message that was interpreted that the fugitive inventor was there. While changing for the mission, Thompson came into the men's locker room with Peggy Carter who also needed to prep for the assignment. He and Li acted embarrassed, commented that even though they had sisters, none of them looked like Carter.[1]

Thompson's Trick

Daniel Sousa entered the locker room bringing intelligence files for the mission. Thompson told Sousa that he lacked a compass which could be found in the next row of lockers. Sousa did not know that Peggy Carter was there; Ramirez, Li, and Thompson began to giggle as Sousa went to retrieve the compass. Ramirez and the others laughed loudly as Sousa and Carter were embarrassed when Souza saw Carter in her undergarments.[1]

Meeting the Howling Commandoes

"You guys are the Howling Commandos!"
"I hate that name."
―Rick Ramirez and Happy Sam Sawyer[src]

Ramirez and the others parachuted to the ground. As they searched for the 107th Regiment, who was appointed to meet them, they heard a noise and Ramirez aimed his gun. After an awkward exchange in which the password was confused between "emu" or "ostrich", Dum Dum Dugan appeared; the eyes of Ramirez brightened to see the famous soldier. Behind him came from the bushes the other Howling Commandos. Ramirez stood in awe. Carter gave introductions. Ramirez noted that Dugan fought beside Captain America; Dugan told him that Peggy Carter fought with him longer.[1]


The Iron Ceiling 004.jpg

The next day Ramirez joined the rest of the team, preparing to raid the Russian base. It was decided that Ramirez would join Jack Thompson, Happy Sam Sawyer and Pinky Pinkerton during the raid while Peggy Carter led the other team. While exploring the base, a gunshot was heard and Ramirez rejoined the rest of the team to see what had happened, they learned that a young assassin had killed Junior Juniper and escaped. It was decided that the teams would join forces to explore the rest of the base.

Before long they discovered two Russian in a prison cell who introduced themselves as Ivchenko and Nikola. It was learnt that Nikola was a genius scientist and Ivchenko was his psychiatrist. Carter freed the pair and they made their way through the base until the Russian soldiers caught them and attacked. As the team made a retreat from the incoming army of Russian soldiers, they soon became trapped in the boiler room. Peggy Carter made a desperate call to Dum Dum Dugan for assistance but he failed to answer.

As the fight became more intense, Mike Li was shot and killed by Eva and Nikola, who snapped under the pressure, took Happy Sam Sawyer hostage and tried to plead for his freedom, this resulted in Ivchenko killing his friend and the firefight continuing. Soon Dum Dum Dugan arrived with the rest of the Howling Commandos and they held back the army of Russians, Ramirez made his escape to the truck while Carter saved Jack Thompson. Once everyone had boarded the truck they drove to safety.[1]

Return to America

With everyone now safe, Ramirez shook hands with Dum Dum Dugan and the surviving Howling Commandos before boarding the plane back to America while Peggy Carter and Jack Thompson said their goodbyes to Dugan. Once the goodbyes were over, Ramirez and the team flew back to America along with Ivchenko who had promised to help them in their investigation into Leviathan.[1]


  • Expert Marksman: Ramirez easily wielded a multitude of firearms. He demonstrated this during a shootout with Leviathan soldiers.




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