"We have all night, right?"
"Well, you tell me. If this isn't gonna happen, then I need to get back out."
Tandy Bowen and Rick Cotton[src]

Rick Cotton is a rich bachelor that was robbed by Tandy Bowen and later tried to rape her.


Robbed by Tandy Bowen

"My side business."
"Well, what is that?"
"Find rich kids slip a little something into their drinks and jack them of their rich kid stuff."
Tandy Bowen and Rick Cotton[src]

During a party at a night club, Cotton's attention was caught by Tandy Bowen, who he invited to join him so they could have a drink together. As they discussed, Bowen explained that she actually was not fond of clubbing and that she preferred enjoying some fun in a house. Cotton thus offered to invite her over to his uncle's house which he was using for the weekend, and Bowen accepted. Once in the house, upon hearing Bowen mentioning her deceased father, Cotton asked her whether she wanted to talk about him, but she refused.

They then continued to drink together until Cotton was unable to resist to his attraction to Bowen and began passionately kissing her on the couch. As Bowen insisted that they had the whole night and that they should slow things down, Cotton insisted as well, recalling that he had paid much in beverages. However, Cotton was soon told Bowen's real intent: she had actually seduced him only to get access to his house, and had drugged him so she could rob the place. Although Cotton tried to defend himself, he soon fell unconscious on the floor, enabling Bowen and her boyfriend Liam Walsh to rob his apartment.[1]

Rape in Revenge

"Come on, it's not like we haven't kissed before, right? It was a pretty good kiss. You owe me one."
―Rick Cotton to Tandy Bowen[src]

Upon regaining consciousness, Cotton realized that Tandy Bowen had stolen tickets for a ballet show and decided to ambush her. Once the show was over, he and a couple of friends, including Gregory, waited for Bowen to leave the opera house before confronting her and cornering her in an alley. Refusing to hear Bowen's apologies, Cotton moved towards her, resulting in Bowen scratching him in the face in self-defense. Angered by this, Cotton lost control and pinned her on a wall, sending his friends away as he wanted to rape her.

Restraining Bowen, Cotton began kissing her in the neck, ordering her to stop struggling and stopping her from running away. He then unbuckled his pants and moved to strip Bowen from her dress, but Bowen then violently reacted and Cotton was stabbed by a Lightforce dagger she had unconsciously channeled. Grievously wounded in the stomach, Cotton fell on the ground while Bowen escaped.[1]

Brigid O'Reilly visiting Rick

Cotton is visited by Detective Brigid O'Reilly

Cotton was eventually found by the paramedics and brought into the hospital. In order to avoid scandal, he contacted his uncle to help him make believe that he had been assaulted in the street. In the hospital, Cotton was visited by Detective Brigid O'Reilly, who asked him about the scratch marks on his face and the fact that he had been found with his pants unbuckled, but Cotton feigned ignorance and presented to be in too much pain to answer her questions. The investigation was later closed when Detective James Connors claimed to have found Cotton's driver license on a deceased drug addict, apparently corroborating the story of his assault.[2]



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