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"What? This is some Edward Scissorhands shit right here. What happened, Ed? Mommy stick your face in a blender? Say something, dummy! You got a tongue in your head? Jesus Christ. What, are you deaf, too? Man, you are one sad bastard. This ain't the short bus, buddy."
―Rick to Billy Russo[src]

Rick was a bully who had mocked Billy Russo over his heavy scarring, only for Russo to respond by brutally murdering Rick and stealing his clothes.


Mocking Jigsaw

"What do you want, freak?"
―Rick to Billy Russo[src]

Rick boarded a city bus, sitting behind a man with scars and dirty socks. During the ride, he repeatedly verbalized disgust toward him before deboarding. He was trailed into an empty alley, where he was beaten and stripped of his clothing.[2]



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