Ricardo was a mobster working in Harlem alongside Domingo Colon.


Final Showdown

Calling a new meeting with Ernesto and Ricardo inside Colon's Gym, Colon listened as Ernesto insisted that they must take their chance to take care of Diamondback, noting that now that Jacques Alef, Neville Barnwell, Juan Carlos Castro, and Peter Hong were now all dead, this was the perfect time to take over as the leaders in the criminal underworld, which Ricardo agreed with. Noting he witnessed the Massacre at Colon's Gym, Colon claimed that with their guns, they would be unstoppable and agreed to kill Diamondback.


Colon threatens Diamondback and his men

Arriving inside Diamondback's Warehouse Hideout, Colon brought Ernesto, Ricardo and several of his men. Greeting Diamondback, Colon claimed to have preferred Harlem's Paradise to this warehouse before drawing his guns and aiming them at Diamondback. As a stand off began, Colon noted that his men had discovered Zip and his men dead, and they deduced that Shades was likely responsible due to Diamondback betraying him. Calmly placing his bible back inside of his jacket pocket, Diamondback began telling Colon that a rattlesnake was most dangerous when it had been cornered.


Colon furious tries to murder Diamondback

Using his momentary distraction, Diamondback drew his own gun as the two enemy crews began shooting at each other. With bullets flying everywhere across the warehouse, Colon soon took over behind a box as Diamondback hid behind a pillar. Colon witnessed Ernesto being shot down by one of Diamondback's men, leading to Colon screaming out that he planning to rip off Diamondback's head.





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