"We have met before, and I've traveled a long way to be with you."
Sebastian Derik to Janice Robbins[src]

Rhinebeck is a city in the state of New York.


New Beginning

Janice Robbins settled in Rhinebeck as an artist, teaching community art classes. However, she felt frequently compelled to carve a series of symbols, expressing them in many of her paintings, signing them with the title "A Magical Place".[1]

One Night-Stand

Janice Robbins went to a bar and met Sebastian Derik, a man whose face felt familiar. Though she could not recall from where she knew the man, they connected and she brought him back to her apartment.

In Robbins' apartment, the two conversed and drank wine as she tried to guess her previous encounter with Derik, even wondering if he was from Iowa too due to his speech, though Derik assured her he was from Baltimore.

Examining her bookshelves, Derik deduced Robbins was an artist, and then she asked if he was an artist too, as that could have been the reason they knew each other, though she also thought it could have been their destiny to meet.

Derik then confessed that they indeed meet before, and he had traveled a long way to be with her, starting to remove his shirt. Robbins was flattered with the move, but told him to slow down. However, Derik's intentions were to reveal the symbols he had tattooed on his chest, similar to the ones Robbins painted.

Beginning to be scared, Robbins asked Derik how he knew about the symbols, but he started to carve them in Robbins' body with a knife, hoping the pain would help her to remember. However, shock due to the pain caused a cardiac arrest that ended up killing Robbins.[1]

Crime Scene Analysis

Skye obtained a series of photographs from the corpse of Janice Robbins thanks to Micro, one of her contacts through the Rising Tide, prompting her and S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Phil Coulson to personally investigate the crime scene.

Coulson and Skye entered Robbins' former house, with Skye noting they were violating 14 laws with that action, and regretting that Melinda May could not be there to help them and control the situation, but she had been tasked with the chase of Grant Ward.

Skye sarcastically confirmed Coulson's suspicions that Robbins was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, as watching her house and her belongings, she had been convinced that Robbins was nothing more than an art teacher. However, Coulson entered Robbins' study, finding numerous paintings with the same series of symbols he had been carving.

Skye was surprised and took her sarcastic words back, confiscating all of Robbins' paintings to examine them back at the Playground.[1]


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