"Let's get you home before it gets dark."
Robbie Reyes to Gabe Reyes[src]

The Reyes Residence was Robbie Reyes' and Gabe Reyes' place of living in Los Angeles.


Reyes Family Photo

Eli Morrow and his nephews Robbie and Gabe Reyes living together

Eli Morrow and his nephews Robbie and Gabe Reyes used to live together in the Reyes Residence. Unbeknownst to Morrow, Robbie often left the residence at night with his car to compete into street races. One night, as he left, Robbie encountered his younger brother Gabe and they both left the residence for a race, which would cause them to be targeted by an attack by the Fifth Street Locos.

Robbie and Gabe kept living in the Reyes Residence following their uncle's arrest.[1]

Gabe 2-4x03

Gabe Reyes shares a meal with Quake

During the Blackout Attack, Robbie, Gabe and Quake went to the Reyes Residence, who was deprived of electricity like the rest of Los Angeles, for shelter. Robbie left the house soon after, leaving Gabe with Quake. Gabe and Quake shared a meal together and they discussed about Robbie.

When the power went back into the house, Gabe revealed that he knew about Quake's powers and secret identity. He swore to keep it a secret as long as Quake left the house and never came close to Robbie again. Quake agreed and silently left the Reyes Residence. Robbie came back some time later and found his brother alone, who pretended that Quake had left while he was sleeping.[2]

Quake later returned to the Reyes Residence to pick up Gabe, who was worried about having not seen his brother for days. Although Gabe was reluctant to follow Quake, he eventually agreed to leave the house.[1]


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