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"This is a gift, and the cause that they are giving themselves over to..."
" one they know nothing about."
"Not so different from us, then."
Leslie Dean, Geoffrey Wilder and Robert Minoru[src]

Rewind is the second episode of the first season of the television series Runaways.


A retelling of 101, as seen from the parents’ perspective. Everyone’s on edge, but after tonight, should all go as planned, they won’t have to worry about their obligations again.


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Due to Molly Hernandez trying to take a picture of the Rite of Blood, alerting PRIDE that something went unusual in their ritual, the Runaways flee from the sacrifice room, only to find the secret door locked while Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder nearly catch them. They fail to open it again until Hernandez unexpectely activates her superhuman strength, thus enabling the teenagers to leave. Alex Wilder instructs them to hide in the guesthouse, while they discuss theories about what their parents could be up to, and Nico Minoru suggests that they killed Destiny Gonzalez. The power is then cut in the Wilder Mansion.

A series of flashback opens, indicating what the PRIDE members did after their children left for Atlas Academy earlier that day. The Wilders worry over their son's lonely behavior which arose after the death of his best friend Amy Minoru. However, Geoffrey remains confident that Alex will find the strength to move on. Another challenge appears to him as he helps Catherine to prepare the sacrifice room: Geoffrey receives a call from Howard who alerts him that his former friend Darius Davis, leader of the Crips, has invaded the PRIDE Construction Site.

Geoffrey drives to the construction site to meet with Davis, who wants Geoffrey to give him 50,000 dollars as payment for a promise made years ago. However, Geoffrey remains unimpressed by Davis' actions, and instead threatens to kill Davis' grandmother Nana B if the Crips do not leave the site. After an argument, Davis and the Crips agree to leave, but not before Andre Compton, Davis' right-hand man, manages to hack into Geoffrey's phone.

Victor Stein struggles to repair a malfunctioning Dematerialization Box, failing to make it work on a mouse. When his wife Janet approaches him and suggests that he could try to ask someone for help, Victor abruptly rejects the idea before bluntly apologizing to Janet.

Leslie Dean is informed by Aura and Frances that Gonzalez is nowhere to be found. Leslie, who plans on sacrificing Gonzalez, decides to track her down. Meanwhile, Frank Dean learns that his agent Phil decides to end their collaboration. Leslie finds Gonzalez in the Los Angeles Bus Depot, as the Church of Gibborim has given her the necessary strength to be a mother for a newborn girl. However, Leslie tricks Gonzalez in remaining a little longer in Los Angeles by pretending that she could become an Ultra member of the Church. Leslie then returns home, where Frank joins her and requests to be taken Ultra as well and to attend the upcoming PRIDE meeting, but Leslie sets aside both this ideas for the time being.


Upset by Nico's earlier attempt to get into Amy's room, Tina Minoru takes the Staff of One and wants to use it to seal Amy's bedroom, which her husband Robert Minoru calls too extreme. After Tina seals the room anyway with Robert still inside it, Robert urges her to reconsider her approach towards Nico, else they will lose their second daughter as well. Tina thus agrees to simply put a padlock on Amy's bedroom's door.

Stacey Yorkes reminds to her husband Dale that they have to attend a PRIDE meeting in the night, although Dale refuses to go and tries to find an excuse to miss the appointment, but to no avail.

The PRIDE meeting finally occurs at the Wilder Mansion, although it is clear that the PRIDE members are only here by obligation as some families, especially the Minorus and the Yorkeses, do not get along well. Leslie then gives the members a file with information on Gonzalez, which Geoffrey refuses to read as he wants to know as little as possible about their crimes, especially since Gonzalez is the same age as their children. Victor criticizes him for his behavior, and Leslie reminds that they are all in it together. They then carry on the ritual with Gonzalez, who is sacrificed to Jonah.


Back to present, Alex reveals that he cut the power himself to make PRIDE believe that there was a power shortage which caused the flash of light they just seen. They then pretend to be playing Twister as Catherine and Geoffrey arrive to check on them and are convinced that they did not see anything of the sacrifice. While the Wilder leave and inform the other members' of their children's presence, the Runaways discuss further what they have seen, struggling to find a reasonable explanation. They then return to join their parents and act as nothing happened. Remaining alone in the basement, Victor is horrified to discover that Gonzalez is actually still alive in the Dematerialization Box.

As PRIDE and their children leave the Wilder Mansion, Alex finds Nico in the bathroom, and she laments that she feels incredibly lonely without her sister and the reveal that her parents might be criminals, although Alex assures her that she is not alone in this. In the Yorkes Residence, Hernandez also has a hard time remaining alone and asks Gert Yorkes whether she can sleep in her bed. Karolina Dean sends a text message to Gonzalez, and sees that someone seems to be replying. Alex sends a message to the other Runaways and tells them that they will begin to investigate in the next day. At the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, Frank attempts to enter Leslie's meditation room, where Jonah is secretly sheltered, but is denied entry by Vaughn Kaye.

The Wilders discuss the recent sacrifice, as Geoffrey still has a hard time killing young people for a cause he is not sure to understand. Catherine replies that he cannot think of PRIDE's activity as meaningless crimes and tells him to get some rest. However, as Geoffrey leaves his study, he steps onto something which is not supposed to be here: Hernandez's hairpin.


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  • The kids try to keep up status quo with their parents as try to be normal after what they recently saw. Nico Minoru heads to the bathroom. Everyone's parents begin pull them away to leave. Tina Minoru asks Alex where Nico is.


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