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"All those times I looked to you for guidance. You saw me struggling and you chose to hide the one thing that could have changed everything for me. Please, Father, help me understand why you would do that."
Matt Murdock to Paul Lantom

Revelations is the ninth episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


Matt's already shaky world tilts when he learns a shocking truth. Karen runs for her life. Nadeem discovers how deep Fisk's influence goes.


Realizing that Maggie Grace was his mother all along, Matt Murdock confronts Paul Lantom, asking if he knew about it. Lantom tells Murdock how Grace fell in love with Jack Murdock when she was young and even married him, abandoning her church life. However, after giving birth to Matt, she suffered a postpartum depression and returned back to church, leaving her husband and her child.

Ray Nadeem arranges a meeting with Tammy Hattley and Winn, giving an official testimony about Wilson Fisk's criminal conspiracy and his manipulation of the FBI which included coercing Benjamin Poindexter to carry out the New York Bulletin killings. However, Hattley reveals to be Fisk's pawn as well, killing Winn and staging it to frame Nadeem and forcing him to work for Fisk as well.

Karen Page decides to leave her apartment and run away, since Fisk knew that she was the one who killed James Wesley, as well as she revealed to him Daredevil's true identity. Foggy Nelson assures her that she did not betray Murdock and gives her money, so she could escape.


Lantom tells Grace that Murdock found the truth about her which puts her in distress where she finds out that Murdock left his hideout at Clinton Church. Murdock returns back to Fogwell's Gym where he encounters an illusion of his father, telling that the revelation about Grace does not change anything.

Poindexter visits Nadeem at his house and tells him that Fisk wants him to use a contact with Daredevil, hinting that not complying would affect his family. Nadeem complies and calls Daredevil, telling him that Fisk had planned something and he will provide him with details later.

Page tries to find Murdock but Grace tells her that he left when he found out the truth about her being his mother. Page then tells Grace that Fisk knows about Murdock's secret identity and that he is after her as well. Grace suggests Page to use Murdock's hideout at church's basement to hide from Fisk to which she agrees.

Marci Stahl tells Nelson that his stunt at the District Attorney press conference had put him in the positive light and he has a chance against Blake Tower in the election. At the meeting at the Nelson's Meats, Theo tells Nelson that he needs to take his statement back, informing him that Fisk manipulated them and put Nelson's parents at the risk of being put to jail for fraud, unless Nelson complies.


The FBI officially reinstates Poindexter as an agent and Hattley makes Nadeem to join other agents, controlled by Fisk. Hattley passes on his order to apprehend multiple criminal bosses across New York City and bring them to a disclosed location. The FBI agents successfully carry out the order and Hattley and Nadeem go to Presidential Hotel to collect Fisk. Hattley tells Nadeem that he was in Fisk's sights for more than a year, manipulating his financial situation and making him desperate enough for promotion to work with him. Hattley and Nadeem bring Fisk to the meeting with other criminal bosses to which Nadeem also lures Daredevil.

Fisk informs other bosses that he will provide them with the protection from federal prosecution in exchange of paying him a cut of their earnings for being a part of his criminal network. Everett Starr immediately refuses to pay Fisk, so he orders Poindexter in Daredevil's Suit to kill him, intimidating other bosses into complying.

Realizing that Fisk had staged a trap for him, Daredevil does not follow Nadeem's lead and instead goes to Presidential Hotel where he finds Fisk's secret room. Noticing the surveillance system, Daredevil overhears that FBI agents had found out where Page was and realized that Fisk wants her killed.


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