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"Loneliness never goes away, especially in places like Seagate. If you don't make attempts to befriend someone loneliness is guaranteed to eat you alive."
―Reva Connors to Carl Lucas[src]

Doctor Reva Connors was a counselor that treated prisoners at Seagate Prison, where she met and fell in love with convict Carl Lucas. She was murdered by Jessica Jones under Kilgrave's influence due to her knowledge of his origins.


Early Life[]

Losing a Brother[]

"My brother, he died in jail while I was getting my masters. I knew he needed help but at the time I felt I did all I could do and I have regretted feeling that was ever since."
―Reva Connors[src]

When Connors' brother was sent to prison, she dedicated much of her time to her master's degree to become a prison counselor. As Connors struggled to find time to put her focus on her brother's well-being, he eventually died while in prison, something Connors blamed herself for, although it did allow her to complete her full masters and become Seagate Penitentiary's counselor.[2]

Meeting Carl Lucas[]

Prison Therapy Sessions[]

"You're not a murderer, you're not some serial killer. You're a man who trusted the wrong people, made a few stupid mistakes, caught a bad break."
"You know how I caught that bad break? Talking to people."
―Reva Connors and Carl Lucas[src]

Connors continued working at Seagate Prison where she conducted therapy sessions with the inmates, listening at Squabbles discussed how long it had been since he had seen his family. It was here where Connors met a former police officer named Carl Lucas who insisted that he did not want to get to know anybody while locked up at Seagate. When Connors noted that Lucas used to be a police officer, he insisted that changed nothing as he had never sent an inmate to Seagate during his career and still refused to open up to her or anyone else.

During a later session, Connors and another inmate discuss his lack of guilt for murdering a man and making excuses for what he had done, noting that they had to try and accept their own involvement in what brought them to Seagate in the first place. Lucas finally spoke up and asked Connors why she never told them anything about herself while asking them all to open up to her, although Connors insisted that was not her role. Lucas continued to push and asked if she was trying to make up for a mistake that she had made in her own past.

Connors confession

Connors tells Carl Lucas about her history

As Lucas continued to push, Connors ended the session and sent everyone back to their cells except Lucas. Connors noted that this had been the most Lucas had ever said in one of their sessions before admitting to him that her brother had died in prison while she had been getting her master's degree. Lucas apologized for going to far but Connors told him not to be sorry. Connors asked if he was innocent and read in his eyes that he was as they were interrupted by Doctor Noah Burstein's arrival before Lucas left and Connors spoke with Burstein who noted Lucas had left her speechless.

Dr Reva Connors

Connors denies the experiments at Seagate

Squabbles later told Connors in a session that he believed inmates were being experimented on, noting that Jimmy Quinto had vanished after telling him that he would have his sentence reduced if he had volunteered for these experiments. Connors fiercely denied all the allegations, comparing them to The X-Files and noting there were also rumors that Tupac Shakur and Justin Hammer were also being hidden there. Lucas, however, spoke up and noted that as Connors also worked for Seagate, she could not be trusted, so Connors gave him her word that there were no experiments going on.

Lucas stayed behind after the session and assisted Connors in stacking the chairs, which she thanked him for. Connors noted that Lucas was likely still trying to avoid talking to her, reminding him that he was not a murderer, just someone who trusted the wrong people and had made mistakes, which Lucas noted was why he would not talk. Connors asked why Lucas came to sessions and he told her it was because she gave people like him hope. As they started to joke, Albert Rackham appeared and ordered Lucas to leave Connors and return to his cell.[2]

Corruption at Seagate Prison[]

"You haven't been to group in months."
"Things change."
"So you reverted to your non-verbal self?"
―Reva Connors and Carl Lucas[src]

Connors soon noted that Carl Lucas had stopped coming to her sessions for several months, to try and find out what had happened Connors begged Squabbles to tell her the truth, but Squabbles refused to tell her anything, with Connors noting that his silence likely meant that Lucas was in a very bad place. Connors later found Lucas in the lounge area with his hair uncut and multiple cuts on his skin.

Connors invited Lucas for a quiet talk where she asked if he had been attacked, when Lucas barely answered, she noted that he had reverted to refusing to talk to her as had Squabbles. Lucas tried to change the subject and asked about Doctor Noah Burstein but Connors continued to ask Lucas if he needed to talk to her before noting that he was clearly a broken man. Lucas, however, told her that it was not all about him and he hinted that he was trying to protect Squabbles. As Connors was leaving, Shades followed closely behind her.

While working late in her office, Connors was visited by Lucas who quietly asked her to come to the door so he could whisper to her. Lucas asked if Connors was close to anybody in Seagate Prison and she explained she only spoke with Burstein. Lucas then informed her that Albert Rackham had created a fight ring in the prison where prisoners fought until they were broken. Lucas noted that Rackham was targeting people he cared about like her and asked her to contact his lawyer who would free Lucas so he could bring down Rackham himself.

Before Lucas could begin his plan, however, he was attacked by Comanche and Shades who almost beat him to death, putting him in the prison hospital where he was treated by Burstein. Connors visited Lucas, horrified at his injuries. Connors told Lucas that Squabbles had been beaten to death after eventually giving up Lucas' plan. Connors then demanded that Burstein put Lucas through his experiments in order to save his life, but Burstein refused, noting that Lucas would likely die and insisted that Connors leave Seagate now before it was too late.[2]

Saving Carl Lucas[]

"I promise I'll explain it all, I'll tell you everything."
"How'd you get your hands on all my info?"
"You haven't always been a convict, I haven't always been a psychologist."
―Reva Connors and Carl Lucas[src]

Having returned home to Harlem, Connors was contacted by Carl Lucas, who had indeed been put through Noah Burstein's experiments and come out completely healed and with super human strength and unbreakable skin. Connors invited Lucas to her home, giving him clothes and allowing him to shave and clean himself, although Lucas broke her shaving cream with his new found strength.

Luke and Reva

Connors and Luke Cage share a kiss

Lucas sat beside Connors with his newly shaven head and trimmed beard just as Connors had deleted all the records of Lucas being at Seagate Prison. They discussed how Lucas had gained these abilities, with Connors noted the bath was only meant to heal his wounds. Lucas questioned why Connors had lied about not knowing of the experiments and she promised to one day explain everything, noting she was not always a therapist. They kissed and decided to rename Lucas as Luke Cage, after a bible verse his father had told him as a child, although Connors suggested Luke Freeman.[2]

Opening Luke's[]


Connors during happier times

"The only thing I had left of Reva was inside those four walls."
Luke Cage[src]

In order to protect him, Connors married Luke Cage and they began building a life together, going to Pop for support during the early days of keeping their secret. During Connors' marriage to Cage, they would often listen to Trish Talk, a favorite of Connors' and the two eventually decided to open a bar in New York City which they had decided to call Luke's; although the bar was named after Cage, Connors made sure that all of the paperwork reflected her legal ownership, ensuring that Cage did not have any of the paperwork to his own name just in case anyone should try to find Carl Lucas in the future.[3]

Encounter with Kilgrave[]

Murdered for the Hard-drive[]


Connors falls under Kilgrave's control

"Take care of her."
Kilgrave to Jessica Jones[src]

Eventually, Connors obtained the data about the childhood of Kevin Thompson and the experiments that his mother and father had performed on him.[4] Fearful of what could happen if the wrong person got their hands on it, she put it in a locked box and buried it. Unfortunately, Kilgrave learned about this and used his mind-controlling powers to enthrall Reva and have her lead him to its location. He sent the enthralled Jessica Jones to recover the box as he and Connors watched. The three then left the construction site and walked to the public sidewalk.[5]


Connors is killed by Jessica Jones

Connors turned and looked at Kilgrave as he told Jones to take care of her. Jones punched Connors in the chest with such force that the sound of breaking ribs could be heard as she flew through the air; when Connors landed, the back of her head smashed against the street. Jones walked over to the corpse and felt the blood as it poured from the back of her head.[6] Moments later, a bus flipped trying to avoid hitting Kilgrave and landed on the body of Connors, causing Charles Wallace to believe he killed Connors and also covering up Kilgrave and Jones' involvement.[1]


Death Covered Up[]

"She died. Bus crash."
"I'm sorry."
Luke Cage and Jessica Jones[src]

Connors' death was put down to a bus accident; Jessica Jones kept the articles about the incident in a portfolio in the Alias Investigations Office.[1] Luke Cage kept a picture of Connors in the mirror in the bathroom of his apartment,[7][6] believing that Connors died in the bus accident. He would later seek revenge against Charles Wallace, the bus driver, for her death.[5] Kilgrave felt no remorse over the death of Connors, citing to Jones that he told her to "take care" of Connors, not to kill her; it is Jones who made the deadly interpretation.[4]

Luke Cage's Revelation[]

"Subject Lucas is beginning to unravel. He doesn't shave, he doesn't groom and he lives to fight. He's actually beginning to hurt people. Physically, by far, he's the best subject we've had. But it remains to be seen if he'll be cleared for stage three. Every single subject has died approaching that stage. If anyone can do it, he can."
―Reva Connors[src]

As Luke Cage was heavily wounded by Diamondback, Claire Temple asked Noah Burstein for help. Cage and Temple provided him a flash drive with Connors' files about the experiment at the Seagate Penitentiary. Following the successful procedure, Cage and Temple snooped through Connors' files. Eventually, they found a recording of Connors' notes about Carl Lucas.

Cage and Temple discovered that Connors had insider knowledge of Albert Rackham and Burstein's program, and was feeding them information on likely candidates for experimentation, with Lucas being the most promising subject thus far. Infuriated, Cage proceeded to destroy Burstein's computer hardware and experimental equipment, taking the flash drive back before leaving with Temple. Burstein looked over the hard disk that survived and the data had already been successfully copied to it.[8]


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Appearance for Reva Connors


  • In the comics, Reva Connors was a childhood friend of both Luke Cage and Willis Stryker, loving them both but ultimately choosing Cage. Stryker tried to frame Cage with stealing drugs from the Maggia, but they ultimately killed Connors in retaliation.
  • According to Luke Cage, Connors was a fan of Trish Talk.

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