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"Manipulative, sending that photo."
"But effective, since you're almost all here."
Gert Yorkes and Alex Wilder

Reunion is the first episode of the first season of the television series Runaways.


A group of six Los Angeles teens, fractured by a tragic loss, reunite only to discover that their parents may be hiding a terrible secret that turns their world upside down.


Destiny Gonzalez gets off a bus and calls someone on a payphone but hangs up once they answer. Two men start harassing her and she runs into the street and almost gets hit by a van. The two men pull her away while she's screaming for help but they try to tell her that they're saving her. Aura and Frances, two members of the Church of Gibborim, use a taser to shock the men and take Destiny into the van that is filled with other teens.

Alex Wilder playing video games

Six months later, Alex Wilder is playing video games in his bedroom. Alex's parents Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder tell him that he should stop isolating himself and try to talk to his friends again. Meanwhile, Nico Minoru is getting ready for school and tries to take tights from Amy Minoru's bedroom. Nico's parents Tina and Robert Minoru confront her and tell her that she's not allowed to use Amy's things. As Nico is leaving the room she accidentally knocks down Amy's trophy from her desk. She tries to apologize but her mother gets mad at her. Chase Stein is eating breakfast with his parents Janet and Victor Stein. His father gets mad about his grades. Karolina Dean and her father Frank Dean attend a Church of Gibborim ceremony hosted by her mother Leslie. Karolina asks her mother to sign a permission slip for a field trip but she refuses. Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez are being dropped off at Atlas Academy by their parents Stacey and Dale Yorkes and Molly mentions that she is feeling sick and Stacey gives her advice for helping her deal with menstruation.

Alex calls his mother and tells her that he's going to invite his friends over tonight. Gert is trying to recruit students to join a feminist club and gives a speech in front of her class however, no one signs up to join. Alex invites Chase to come over and Gert joins the conversation. Karolina overhears and tells Alex that she's busy with a church event. She and Gert get into an argument and they all leave when the bell rings.

At dance tryouts, Molly starts to dance then has to stop due to extreme stomach pain and she goes to the nurse. Meanwhile, Chase tries to convince his spanish teacher Walter to raise his grade but he doesn't succeed. Gert offers to tutor him in spanish and he accepts. Alex runs into Nico in the hallway and tells her that he wants to hang out tonight but she is wearing headphones and pretends that she couldn't hear what he was saying.

The nurse gives Molly some medicine and she is still in extreme pain. She squeezes the bench she is sitting on and her eyes glow yellow and she realises that she just dented the bench with her bare hands. She then starts feeling better. Molly goes home early that day and is alone. She goes into the garage and starts pulling a van. It then starts rolling towards her so she pushes it back in place. She celebrates for a moment then immediately falls asleep on the ground.

Runaways Teaser Trailer 01.png

Alex sends all his friends an old picture of all of them together. Gert is at a cafe waiting for Chase to arrive but he never does. Chase is at a party that Karolina is also attending. Someone gives her some drugs but she doesn't take them. She then takes off her bracelet and her arms start glowing. She stares at them and dances then passes out on the ground. Brandon and Lucas take her upstairs and attempt to rape her. Chase arrives in time to stop them and he puts her bracelet back on her and he takes her in a Lyft to go to Alex's house. Gert texts Molly to feed the pets so she goes downstairs to give food to all the test animals in the Yorkes' basement. She walks past a closed door and a creature puts it face up to the window. Molly gets scared and runs away. Gert picks her up and takes her to Alex's house as well. Nico is attempting to cast a spell on a beach however nothing comes of it.


All five of them arrive at Alex's door and they go to hang out in Alex's house. Chase goes into Geoffrey Wilder's study in order to get alcohol and they all follow him. When they get there however, there is no one there. Alex turns a stack of coasters and a secret door opens. They all go inside the door and down the stairs. When they're down there, they are on a balcony in which they can see their parents but they can't be heard. They witness their parents putting Destiny in the Dematerialization Box and the box emits a very bright light. Molly uses her phone and takes a picture with flash which their parents see.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Priestess Pumarosa
Friends (feat. Tom Morello) Raury
Stick Up Chick Norris
  • Hanna dances during her audition.
NeverDeader (feat. Brooks) BlackGummy
Le Laboratoire Joachim Garraud
  • Karolina Dean removes her bracelet at the party. She dances and watches her arms glow. She passes out and the jocks carry her upstairs.
Soy Yo Bomba Estéreo
  • Molly Hernandez auditions for the dance team but finds herself unable to continue due to cramps.
Flower of Sex Merchandise
Long Life Bombadil
  • Alex Wilder moles around bored and forlorn when phone begins to go off. Alex answers to the door to find his old friends at the school.
Beyond a Mortal Austra

getting everyone together for her. The group finds their parents belongings at the Wilder house but them gone. Chase begins to mix drinks. Chase apologizes to Gert Yorkes for not showing up for their tutoring session.

Silver Tongues (feat. Tilian) I the Mighty
  • Alex Wilder turns on music then sits down the play his video games. Nico Minoru practices magic near a bonfire at the beach. Karolina Dean sight sees from a car. Gert Yorkes makes flashcards for Chase Stein as she waits for him to arrive. Chase arrives at a party with his friends and begins to drink. Alex prepares to send a text to the others but decides not to.
Battles Juanita Stein


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