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"You want to give the law another try, sure, I'm all ears."
"Simple. Step one, we work together. Step two, we come up with a plan. And step three, we execute that plan."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson

Reunion is the eleventh episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


Dex tries to run his prey to ground, Nadeem's conscience kicks in, and Fisk looks to recover a gift from Vanessa seized during his incarceration.



Failing to kill Karen Page, Benjamin Poindexter tells Ray Nadeem to come to the Clinton Church and assume the command, so he could complete his mission. Nadeem is horrified by Pointexter's actions but he reminds Nadeem, that he has no other choice but to comply. At the church, Page helps Matt Murdock to recover and he tells her about Pointexter being the man in Daredevil's Suit and that he and Nadeem are working on Wilson Fisk's behalf.

The NYPD and the FBI arrive at the crime scene, where Nadeem assumes command from Strieber, naming Daredevil and Page as federal suspects. Maggie Grace tries to get Nadeem and Strieber off-track, but Pointexter does not let her do it and insists to find them immediately. Hiding from the FBI in the crypt, Murdock tells Page that he was close to get to Fisk, but had to forfeit because Page came to the church. Page worries about what Murdock could have done, but he tells her that the FBI and the police entered the church to search for them.


Nadeem voices his frustration over Poindexter's intentions to kill Page, but he reminds Nadeem that Fisk's orders are absolute. Poindexter then approaches Grace, who were grieving for Paul Lantom, and requests a full access to the church grounds, while Nadeem offers his condolences. Grace reluctantly takes Nadeem and Poindexter to the crypt, so the police unit could investigate, however, the suspects are nowhere to be found. As Murdock and Page managed to hide, Grace distracts the agents and gets them to search somewhere else.


Page tells Murdock about her initial plan to provoke Fisk to attack her in front of the FBI, but instead, she accidentally confirmed to him that Murdock is Daredevil. Murdock asks Page how did she try to provoke Fisk, and she admits to killing James Wesley, and that was why Fisk sent Poindexter to hunt her down. Murdock reveals to Page that he was planning to kill Fisk at his penthouse to which Page tells him about the death of her brother, saying that once he crosses the line, there will be no way back. Murdock ponders that Fisk is too dangerous to be left alive, but Page insists that killing anyone, even Fisk, would change him forever.


Being cleared of all federal charges, Fisk holds a press conference at the Presidential Hotel and gives a speech to the press. Standing in front of the protesting crowd, Fisk states that because he challenged the system to make New York City a better place, he was turned into a scapegoat. Fisk claims that the people in charge manipulated the public into believing that he was a criminal and cited Daredevil's recent rampage as a proof, naming him a true public enemy.


Brett Mahoney arrives at the church and speaks to Nadeem about the current investigation, conducted by the NYPD and the FBI. Mahoney notices contradictions between the FBI reports and witness testimonies, as they claimed that Daredevil tried to kill Page, while the FBI named her as an accomplice. Poindexter starts to get more frustrated and orders Nadeem to keep the NYPD away from the crime scene until they find Daredevil and Page. Nadeem asks Grace about Page's possible whereabouts, but she instead tries to call for Nadeem's morality and make him do the right thing.


Back at the crypt, Page apologizes to Grace for bringing Fisk's wraith on them, but Grace calms her down and tells them to hide until the police leaves. Murdock senses that the police brought search dogs to the church, so Grace lies to them that Daredevil was spotted at the Saint Agnes Orphanage to buy Murdock and Page more time. Page tries to talk with Murdock about his mother, telling him that Grace is ashamed that she abandoned her son when he needed her. She then tells Murdock to stop pushing his friends away, despite Murdock claiming that he was only trying to protect them.

Foggy Nelson is told by Theo that Fisk wants him to publicly apologize for accusing him of being a criminal. Nelson is against playing into Fisk's plans, but Theo reminds him that if he refuses, their parents will be the ones to suffer the most. Theo says that none of it would happen if Nelson did not try to be a big-time lawyer and confront Fisk, but Nelson still refuses to let him win. Nelson then receives a call from Murdock who informs him about the situation at the church and asks him for help.


As the DOJ ruled that Fisk is a valuable asset, Tammy Hattley removes his Ankle Monitor and states that while the FBI will continue to protect him, he is now a free man. Benjamin Donovan then informs Fisk that Vanessa Marianna is on her way to New York, so Fisk decides that there was only one thing left for him to do. Fisk leaves the hotel to reclaim the Rabbit in a Snowstorm painting from Esther Falb who turned down any offers to sell the painting, no matter how much Donovan offered her.


Executing their plan, Murdock manages to sneak past the police officers and get out of the church, while Nelson arrives at the church and approaches Nadeem. Page then comes out of hiding but Nelson as her legal counselor, states that Page surrenders to the NYPD, not to the FBI. Poindexter confronts Mahoney, demanding to give Page to the FBI, however, Mahoney replies that as a suspected accomplice to murder, her case falls into the police jurisdiction.

Speaking with Mahoney in private, Nadeem informs him that Page would not be safe with the FBI and tells him to get her to safety. While Mahoney leaves with Page in his custody, Nadeem stops Poindexter from attacking, saying that he cannot kill Page in front of the police regardless. Poindexter then threatens Nadeem that he will face consequences for disobeying Fisk's direct orders and letting Page go. Back at the crypt, Poindexter finds Murdock's blood and realizes that he has been played, letting out a scream of frustration.


Fisk visits Falb at her residence to negotiate the purchase of the Rabbit in a Snowstorm, aware of her previous refusals. Fisk tells her about how much the painting meant for Marianna, and how much Marianna meant to him. Although admiring Fisk's dedication to the woman he loves, Falb tells him about the history of the painting and how it was her only connection to her family, who lost their lives so Falb could live. Fisk realizes that Marianna would want Falb to have the painting and allows her to keep it.


Mahoney drives away from the church and released Page, awed that Fisk managed to manipulate the FBI into being his pawns and praising Nelson's attempts to crush Fisk's plans. They reunite with Murdock who apologizes to Nelson for how he treated both him and Page, thinking that he had been protecting them but only made their lives worse. Nelson tries to convince Murdock into taking Fisk down by using the law as they should, but Murdock argues that Fisk is too powerful. Thinking about their new plan, Page suggests to find a witness who had a firsthand information about Fisk's criminal conspiracy, who could testify in front of the jury.


Fearing of Fisk's wrath, Nadeem rushes back home and tells Seema and Sami that they need to run as far as possible. However, Fisk sends his men to Nadeem Residence to punish Nadeem and his family for the treason, so Nadeem tries to fight them off to protect Seema and Sami. Daredevil suddenly appears at the house and helps to take the attackers down, but Nadeem is afraid that Daredevil might want revenge for selling him to Fisk. Daredevil unmasks himself in front of Nadeem to gain his trust and asks for his assistance to take Fisk down once and for all.


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