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"What is this place?"
"It's a safe house for people with powers. Rogers even spent a few weeks here after he defrosted."
Skye and Phil Coulson[src]

The Retreat is a cabin constructed by Bruce Banner in order to temporarily house gifted individuals.


"Looks like Coulson took her to, uh, Retreat."
"Really? Bold, taking her to the house that Banner built."
Tomas Calderon and Anne Weaver[src]


Though this cabin was originally created by Doctor Bruce Banner,[1] other gifted individuals have spent time in it. Steve Rogers spent some time there after he was "defrosted". Phil Coulson brought Skye to the cabin for her safety, and the safety of others.[2] While there, Skye communicated with the base and her team via video stream.

Once Gordon found Skye, he asked her about her powers, and offered to take her to where she could be safe and comforted in this difficult time. Skye rejected his offer, but Gordon told her he could find her when she wanted to go.


The faction of S.H.I.E.L.D. led by Robert Gonzales found Skye's location, and landed with Quinjets and took off on foot to pursue her. Skye fled into the woods to reach the laser field control panel, only to be confronted by a hostile agent, alerting the others to her location. Tomas Calderon pulled a real gun on Skye, against the orders of Bobbi Morse, who advised them to use I.C.E.R.s because Skye was a fellow agent. Skye instinctively deflected the bullet with her powers, shattering a huge tree and impaling Calderon in the process. Seeing what she had done, she whispered for Gordon to help her; he appeared in a flash of light and took her away.[1]

Days later, Phil Coulson and Lance Hunter later arrived at the Retreat in search of Skye, only to find the field of devastation she caused. After reviewing the security footage of what happened, the two men settled in at the cabin to plan their next move. Hunter offered whiskey to the Director but Coulson declined, wanting to stay clear-headed. As Coulson lamented the loss of both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Skye in just a day, Hunter assured him he was not at fault, blaming Gonzales, Morse, and Alphonso Mackenzie for deceiving them. Coulson was at least willing to understand their motives and began to doubt having been resurrected in the first place, whereas Hunter was unsympathetic to the former. Hunter then suggested they flee to Mexico, but Coulson refused, though he admitted he could not see a good option for them at the moment. Hunter ambiguously suggested trying a bad option, when in truth he wanted Coulson to take a drink.


The next morning, Coulson triggered the Retreat's alarm to alerting Gonzales' agents to their location, planning on commandeering a Quinjet to find Skye. Hunter found it insane that just the two of them could take a Quinjet, though Coulson assured him that backup was on the way. As the cabin was built to withstand a "Hulk-sized force", Gonzales' agents brought an Electronic Battering Ram to get in, giving Coulson and Hunter an hour to come up with a plan. When the squad managed to break down the door, Coulson used Holographic Cards from his Howling Commando Gear to project holograms of himself and Hunter playing cards to distract the agents so they could get the drop them with I.C.E.R.s. Afterwards, they took the squad's uniforms to attempt to take the Quinjet by surprise, only to be surrounded by agents from a second cloaked Quinjet. Just as they were taken into custody, the Quinjet came under attack by Deathlok, Coulson's backup, who incapacitates Gonzales' agents before disabling the other Quinjet with his EMP missiles. The trio then took the active Quinjet as they go searching for the one person who could help them find Skye: Grant Ward.[3]

Years later, Polly Hinton and Robin Hinton moved to the Retreat after they were hiding in the Lighthouse. Robin did not talk to her mother for days there. In order to find Coulson, Daisy Johnson came to the Retreat and took the two out of there with a Quinjet, hoping that Robin would use her Inhuman powers to locate Coulson.[4]


A dent made into the vibranium alloy by Hulk

"It might not look like it, but this place can withstand a Hulk-sized force."
Phil Coulson[src]

This safe house retreat is a log cabin that is lined with the same vibranium alloy that is used in "The Cage" on the Bus. The S.H.I.E.L.D. battering ram took a long time to penetrate the door, even though it took very short for them to penetrate the highly armored SUV of Nick Fury. The kitchen was fully equipped with a fridge, sink, and microwave. The living room has a few couches, however, they are very uncomfortable. There is a computer in one corner. A laser fence also lines the perimeter of the property, keeping everything inside contained. Security cameras show everything that happens along the area.


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