"Victor is the only one of you that's actually necessary for this to work. The dig is about to start, and his time is just about up, so I would appreciate it if you choose quickly. Because if I don't revive him, you all die. And so do your children."
Jonah to PRIDE[src]

The Resurrection of Victor Stein was a conflict among the ranks of PRIDE in order to decide who to treat and who to sacrifice in order to heal Victor Stein following being shot.


"We only needed to save Victor because you shot him, Janet."
Dale Yorkes to Janet Stein[src]
For years, Victor Stein behaved as an abusive husband and father to his wife Janet and his son Chase.[4] He also learned that he was suffering from a brain tumor but chose to keep this a secret from his family, pretending he only suffered from violent headaches from time to time. Over time, Victor grew more and more unstable, which was further aggravated when he discovered that his wife had an affair with Robert Minoru.[5] He publicly revealed this during a PRIDE gala, but fainted immediately after, prompting Jonah to give him a mysterious medicine.[6]

Although the medicine firstly seemed to improve both Victor's condition and personality, much to Chase's and Janet's surprise, Victor quickly reverted to his brutal and harsh demeanor. This led to him attacking his son Chase for simply being in his lab without him. As Victor picked up the Fistigons and prepared to fire at Chase with it, Janet shot him with a gun given to her by Minoru.[1] This saved Chase, but it also forced Janet to call PRIDE for help into managing the situation.[7]


"I can't fully revive him without a sacrifice. However, a jolt from the inner coil should be enough to keep his mitochondria nourished for a time."
Jonah to Janet Stein[src]
Tina and Robert Minoru were the first members of PRIDE to arrive in the Stein Mansion. Tina immediately picked up the gun used to shoot Victor Stein while Robert helped Janet Stein to tend to Victor's heavy wound. They were later joined by Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. Upon seeing the gun in Tina's hand, Geoffrey falsely assumed that Tina had shot Victor, but before he could draw his own gun, Tina made him notice that Chase Stein was present as well.

Catherine, Tina and Geoffrey explained to Chase why PRIDE had been asked to come and detailed how they could not afford to call the police. They then asked Janet to take Chase upstairs while they would remain to try and save Victor, who had lost a lot of blood. Dale and Stacey Yorkes then arrived to the mansion as well, although they insisted that they were not physicians and that their medical knowledge was purely theoretical.

Tsunami pic

Frank Dean tries to revive Victor Stein with his Healing Gloves

While Robert took the Fistigons off Victor's hand, Dale and Stacey tried their best to save him in order to stop the bleeding and close the wounds. Despite their best efforts, however, Victor fell into a coma. Leslie Dean then arrived in the mansion and declared that she would call Frank Dean for help, refusing to inform Jonah. Once Frank arrived, Leslie asked him to use his Healing Gloves on Victor. However, the process failed and Victor was eventually clinically dead.


Jonah arrives to revive Victor Stein

Facing such an ordeal, Tina decided to secretly alert Jonah. Jonah arrived at the Stein Mansion as PRIDE attempted to take away Victor's body and announced that he would revive Victor using the Dematerialization Boxes. However, this also meant that they had to sacrifice someone, and Jonah ordered Janet to give her life as he held her accountable for the whole episode. Janet refused, stating that Victor had had an anger attack only because of Jonah's Serum.

Thus, an argument soon erupted within PRIDE, with Janet desperately trying to save her life, despite Tina claiming that Janet was not really necessary to PRIDE. Janet went as far as suggesting that Dale should be sacrificed because he had not done anything relevant for PRIDE, but Dale objected, recalling the invention of the Synnergy Serum. As Janet insisted that the Yorkeses had failed to save Victor, Robert suggested to sacrifice Frank, who had left the room to guard it.

Catherine JanetGetIntheBox!

PRIDE argues over who should sacrifice themselves

Jonah grew tired of PRIDE's hesitation and threatened to kill every member of PRIDE, as well as their children, if Victor was not revived. This caused panic in the ranks of PRIDE, with some of them ordering Janet to get into the Dematerialization Box. Outraged by the threats on the lives of his daughters, Dale picked up the gun used to shoot Victor and aimed it at PRIDE, ordering to rapidly pick the sacrifice and suggesting that Tina could be the one.

Minoru - Fistigons

Robert Minoru decides to give his life

However, Dale was disarmed by Geoffrey, who held him at gunpoint and forced Dale to drop the gun, which fired when hitting the ground, which Janet took as proof that Dale should be sacrificed. However, Jonah intervened once again and ordered Janet to give her life, threatening to put Chase instead if she did not comply. Thus, Janet agreed to sacrifice herself, but requested from Jonah to be able to say goodbye to Chase. Jonah refused, and as they debated over the matter, Robert decided to give his own life, aiming the Fistigons at PRIDE to keep them from stopping him.

Destroyed Dematerialization Box

A Dematerialization Box is destroyed by Tina Minoru

While this solution was no problem to Jonah, Tina refused to lose her husband despite the fact that he had cheated on her. Therefore, she retrieved the Staff of One from her purse and used it to destroy one of the Boxes before Leslie or Jonah could stop her. Thus, the sacrifice was rendered impossible. Leslie was ready to attack Tina for this, but Jonah told her not to, stating that he no longer needed the Boxes for himself. He then asked Geoffrey, Dale and Robert to put Victor's body in the remaining Box, which Jonah then kept, using its mechanisms to keep Victor alive in a comatose state.[7]



Jonah keeps Victor Stein in the Dematerialization Box

"Once he's back on his feet, things will get very very interesting."
Jonah to Frank Dean[src]

Jonah kept Victor Stein in a comatose state in the remaining Dematerialization Box, hoping to be able to fully revive him some day once Jonah would carry on his plan with the help of Frank Dean, who he had allied with.[8]

Due to what had happened between them, Tina and Robert Minoru decided to give their wedding a second chance. Tina agreed to let Robert return to live in the Minoru Mansion although she was not ready to share her bed with him just yet.[2]


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