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"You know what I believe in? Resupply and logistics."
Frank Castle to Micro

Resupply is the fourth episode of the first season of the television series The Punisher.


Madani and Sam plan a delicate operation, Curtis tries to connect with Lewis and Frank encourage Micro to get his hands dirty.


In his backyard of his house, Lewis Wilson digs a foxhole since it finds it hard to sleep in a regular bed and house.

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Acting on information from Micro, Frank Castle goes to see Turk Barrett to steal a shipment of weapons he supposedly got from the Greeks. However, the Greeks stiffed him on the deal and the shipment went elsewhere – the only weapon he has is a pink Ruger which is a mobster's "sweet 16" birthday present for his daughter. Castle knocks Barrett out. At the hideout, Lieberman watches a video of his family when Frank returns. Castle is angry at the situation and tells Lieberman to find him weapons.


Sam Stein informs Dinah Madani about the Greeks' arms shipment. Sam suggests hitting them before they land, but Madani wants to catch them in the act of selling the weapons. As they talk, Rafael Hernandez arrives and informs her the Office of the Inspector General is taking over the Carson Wolf investigation. Wolf's corruption casts a shadow over the office, meaning the investigation has to be beyond reproach. Hernandez tells her to focus on the work in front of her, especially if she wants to climb the ladder.

Castlecleans and maintains Lieberman's gun. Castle is called by Sarah Lieberman; her insurance company needs a signed statement about the accident so they can move forward with the claim. Micro gets Frank to promise to help her in exchange for the information on a weapons cache.


Curtis Hoyle goes to see Wilson to convince him to return to the group. Wilson thinks it was a mistake to leave the United States Army as he is having a lot of trouble readjusting. He tells Hoyle that he plans to join Anvil.

At the Lieberman Residence, Castle arrives to sign the papers. He also finds Leo Lieberman trying to fix the garbage disposal. Castle helps her to fix it. Castle then offers to fix the car headlight and not worry about the insurance claim.

Billy Russo leads an orientation of his latest Anvil recruits, including Wilson.


Lieberman tracks the information on the Greek weapons shipment. At the Homeland Security Headquarters, Sam Stein leads a briefing on the operation to take out the Greeks. Wilson makes a good impression on Russo during the recruitment trials, helping and pushing another recruit to do better.

At the hideout, Lieberman informs Castle about the Homeland Security operation to take down the Greeks and the weapons shipment. Castle heads to Mazur's Garage where Mazur's gang is torturing Wilcox. Castle takes out the gang and steals two vehicles – a sports car, and a van.

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At Anvil, Hoyle convinces Russo that Wilson is not stable to return to combat. When Russo confronts him about the foxhole in his backyard, Wilson is evasive so Russo cuts him. After seeing Lewis' anger, Russo sees that Hoyle was right about him.

Lieberman begins to have second thoughts after seeing the aftermath of Castle's battle, but Castle refuses to let him off the hook. Madani commands the Homeland Security operation from a mobile command center. Lieberman hacks the Homeland audio and video feeds, creating a looped video feed from the follow car and piping the song "Feel the Love" into the comms system. With the distraction in place, Castle jumps on the roof of the truck carrying the weapons and steals it.

Lieberman arrives in the Mustang and they trade vehicles. Eventually, Madani figures out the video are looped and head out on her own. Dinah spots them and gives chase, but Castle blocks her and starts to play chicken with her. As the cars are about to collide, Madani's car is hit by Lieberman in the van. Castle pulls Madani from the wreckage. She recognizes Castle and asks if he killed Carson Wolf. Castle responds he did, and she should stay out of his way.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Lewis Gets the Boot Tyler Bates Billy Russo tells Lewis Wilson that he has to leave Anvil. Dinah Madani runs operations from a surveillance van as her team readies to enter at the meeting point.
I Feel Love Donna Summer Micro broadcasts music to drown the audio from Homeland Security's audio feeds. Frank Castle gives a pair of guards the choice between fire and water. Dinah Madani realises her video feed is on a loop.
Billy Motivates Tyler Bates Billy Russo gives his potential new Anvil recruits a inspirational speech about their worth.


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