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"Reset charges prune the affected radius of a branched timeline, allowing time to heal all its wounds. Which sounds like a nice way of saying disintegrate everything in its vicinity."

The Reset Charge is a device used by the Time Variance Authority to prune branched timelines.


"Reset the timeline."
Hunter B-15[src]

The Time Variance Authority use reset charges to prune alternate timelines in which Nexus events occurred in and sent its contents to the Void at the end of time.

When Sylvie Laufeydottir was taken into custody by a TVA unit, her timeline was pruned by a reset charge.[1]

When Loki was taken into custody by a TVA unit, his alternate 2012 timeline was subsequently pruned by a reset charge.[2]

Sylvie went throughout the alternate timelines, ambushing Minutemen on their missions, and stealing their reset charges. She collected several reset charges and placed them throughout Roxxcart Mall in Haven Hills, Alabama in the year 2050. When Sylvie was found by Loki, she used a TemPad to send the reset charges through Timedoors to several alternate timelines, in order to disrupt the Sacred Timeline.[3]


"When we prune a branched reality, it's impossible to destroy all of its matter. So we move it to a place on the timeline where it won't continue growing. Basically, the branched timeline isn't reset. It's transferred."
Ravonna Renslayer[src]

As it is impossible to truly destroy all of the matter in an alternate reality, reset charges instead transfer these "pruned branches" of the timeline to a Void at the end of time.



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