"I know you're scared. But I'm here to help you."
Masked Man to Boy[src]

The Rescue of the Kidnapped Boy was a mission undertaken by the Masked Man to rescue a young boy from Russian Mafia.


"They kidnapped a boy."
"Who did?"
"The Russians. [...] Two days ago, they pulled a kid out of the back of a van. Beat his father while he watched."
Masked Man and Claire Temple[src]

Hearing the screams of a young boy being abducted from his father's car, Matt Murdock attempted to save him, after following the kidnappers for two days, he was ambushed and left badly beaten.

He barely escaped and was forced to hide inside a dumpster. A young man named Santino found the injured Murdock in the dumpster and quickly alerted his neighbor, the nurse Claire Temple. In Temple's apartment, she tended to his wounds, saving his life.

Soon, Semyon, a mobster sent by Vladimir Ranskahov, arrived at the apartment complex and tries to find Murdock. With Temple's help, Murdock kidnapped Semyon and interrogated him to find out where the boy is being held. He then threw him from the roof, causing him to land in a dumpster and become comatose.

Murdock told Temple to move apartment so that the other gangsters would not find her. She gave him the location where she can be found in the future, in case he needed any more help. Murdock headed out to find the young boy.[6]


"Where is he?"
"Underneath Troika Restaurant. Eleventh and 44th. They'll be waiting for you. If you're lucky, they'll kill you before they start in on the boy."
Masked Man and Semyon[src]

Murdock arrived at the place and after a lengthy fight between him and nine thugs, Murdock saved the boy and brought him back to his father.[6]


"Breathe. And tell us about the man who did this to you."
"The Devil."
Vladimir Ranskahov and Semyon[src]

Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov found and visited Semyon at the hospital. They woke him up with a shot of epinephrine. Upon awakening, Semyon was asked what he knew about the masked man; he revealed the location of Claire Temple's Apartment to which Sergei was sent. He then breathed his last after giving that information.[7]


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