"You know that case I took? The architect? The C-4? Well, it went south fast, and you may be in danger."
Jessica Jones to Trish Walker[src]

The Rescue of Trish Walker was a successful attempt by Jessica Jones and Daredevil to protect Trish Walker from Murakami.


"What about the ones you still love? What will become of them once you are gone? Who else must die because of you?"
"What are you talking about?"
"The nurse. The woman on the radio. They'll come for them next. How many mice must drown with you?"
Sowande and Luke Cage[src]

Having captured one of the fingers Sowande, the Defenders bound him to a chair in an abandoned building and began to question him and the motives of the Hand. Though he never uttered a word about their plans, Sowande warned them that the Hand was going to attack their respective allies, one of them being Trish Walker. In heated rage, Jones knocked him unconscious before searching for her adoptive sister.

With Murdock securing Karen Page, he spoke with Stick about giving up on being Daredevil. Despite Stick intruding on his personal attributes, Murdock debated on whether to bring his former life into the situation.[6]


They are horns

Matt Murdock returns as Daredevil

"Did you know Jessica knows Daredevil?"
"What? The costume guy?"
"Yeah. And some guy attacked us."
Trish Walker and Malcolm Ducasse[src]

With fear of the Hand killing their loved ones, Jessica Jones went to retrieve her adopted sister, Trish Walker. When Jones arrived, Walker was discussing the future of her talk show with her producers, attempting to discuss the recent tremors that had impacted the city. Jones told her they had to go, explaining that her case just went south. Spotting two Hand assassins entering through the main entrance, the two women were forced to move upstairs to an deserted dining room, where they were ambushed by Murakami. Jones attempted to fend off Murakami, but she was not as skilled in fighting as he was, causing her to be easily subdued by him.

Suddenly, Matt Murdock returned as the vigilante Daredevil, assisted Jones in protecting her adopted sister. The two heroes fought Murakami as Walker watched in amazement after seeing Daredevil. Murakami was then thrown off a balcony by Jones but managed to disappear without being detected.[6]


"The Iron Fist has a new partner in his fight. Daredevil."
"Are you sure? Daredevil has not been active in this city for a while."
"I saw him with my own eyes."
Murakami and Madame Gao[src]

Murakami returned to the Midland Circle, where he informed Madame Gao and Bakuto that the Iron Fist was allied with the vigilante Daredevil.[6]


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