"Took you long enough."
Tandy Bowen to Tyrone Johnson[src]

The Rescue of Tandy Bowen was an unplanned rescue of Tandy Bowen by Tyrone Johnson from an infected Mina Hess.


"That power made people crazy. It turned their adrenaline up to 22. Your dad called them Terrors."
Tandy Bowen to Mina Hess[src]

In 2009, the drilling activities of Roxxon Corporation near New Orleans in their attempt to exploit a mixture of Lightforce and Darkforce caused the Destruction of the Roxxon Gulf Platform.[5] During this event, the near entirety of the workers on the rig were exposed to the uncontrolled energy which was released, turning them into Terrors, highly aggressive individuals unable to control their rage and fear.[6] Roxxon Corporation denied all accountability in the catastrophe, instead scapegoating Nathan Bowen for it.[5]

Not giving up on his attempt to control the mixture of Lightforce and Darkforce, Peter Scarborough tasked Mina Hess with the task of installing several valves across New Orleans.[7] However, those valves once again yielded in front of the power of the energies buried underground, causing nearby people to turn into Terrors, such as Dan Hartlett. Hartlett attacked Hess, who was eventually rescued by Tandy Bowen.

Together, Bowen and Hess ambushed Scarborough, forcing him to tell them where they could find the global access to the valves. On their way, however, they were attacked by Ashlie, followed by a swarm of Terrors, forcing Bowen and Hess to take refuge in a storage facility.[8]


"Mina, I don't want to hurt you!"
Tandy Bowen to Mina Hess[src]

Once inside the storage facility, Tandy Bowen and Mina Hess attempted to shut down all possible ways for the Terrors to break in. However, when she closed a window, Hess drew attention of a Terror who broke the glass and touched Hess' forearm, thus turning her into a Terror as well. Bowen thus noticed that she no longer heard Hess' voice, instead only hearing Hess running around the facility.

Manifesting a Lightforce dagger, Bowen began looking for Hess, who quickly arrived and confront her. Bowen fled, quickly followed by Hess. Since all exits were closed, Bowen prepared to fight Hess with her daggers although she claimed that she meant her no harm. However, Bowen did not have to as Cloak suddenly teleported inside the storage facility, having escaped from the Attack on New Orleans Police Department Station. Cloak then used the taser he had in his hand on Hess, incapacitating her and saving Bowen.[8]


"So what happens now?"
"What happens is you two are gonna come at the problem and fix it. Somehow."
Tandy Bowen and Evita Fusilier[src]

Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson were able to leave the storage facility and returned into St. Theresa's Church, where they lamented respectively about the damaging of Johnson's cloak and the fact that Mina Hess was in no position of helping them. As they wondered what they could do, Evita Fusilier arrived in the church as well. She explained that according to her aunt Chantelles, Cloak and Dagger were part of something called the Divine Pairing, meant to save New Orleans at the cost of the life of one of them. Despite Bowen refusing that one of them had to die, Cloak and Dagger eventually agreed to team up one last time in an attempt to stop the outburst in the city.[8]


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