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"Molly would make one hell of a firecracker. But by offering, you mean sacrifice?"
"My baby girl!"
"We have got to get her out of there."
Geoffrey Wilder, Stacey Yorkes and Dale Yorkes[src]

The Rescue of Molly Hernandez was a mission undertaken by PRIDE in order to save Hernandez from being sacrificed by Morgan le Fay's Coven.


"Be certain the rooftop of the Olympic Grand is clear by midnight. Given what's gonna happen to that girl, we don't want any witnesses."
Morgan le Fay to Bronwyn[src]

Havign escaped from the Dark Dimension and reached the Earthly Plane, the enchantress Morgan le Fay used the Corvus WizPhones to enthral thousands of users enabling her to enact the final phase of her plan: merging Dark Dimension with Earth. However, the spell required for such a feat was so powerful that it required a large consumption of organic matter through a sacrifice.[1] To that end, le Fay had her Coven capture the young Molly Hernandez, who had been tricked in befriending the young Bodhi, a member of the Church of Gibborim who actually was a thrall from the Coven.[2] Using a Crow Necklace to keep her in control, the Coven forced Hernandez to contact her fellow Runaways to make sure that they would not interfere.

However, another force became aware of le Fay's intentions: PRIDE. Indeed, Geoffrey Wilder, who had been enthralled by le Fay before the enchantment was broken thanks to Dagger, regained consciousness in time to eavesdrop on a conversation between le Fay and Bronwyn, during which they mentioned that they would perform a ritual on the rooftop of the Olympic Grand Hotel. Desiring to make up for his crimes, Wilder reassembled PRIDE and warned them of the Coven's plan. As a result, PRIDE agreed that they had to rescue Hernandez, but dismissed the idea to ask the Runaways for help as they did not want to put their children in harm's way.[1]


PRIDE arrives at the Olympic Grand Hotel

"Did we really have to let them take the girl?"
"Yeah. The jolt we got off her felt amazing."
"The child served her purpose."
Bronwyn, Cassandra and Morgan le Fay[src]

PRIDE decided to infiltrate the Olympic Grand Hotel posing as a team of CDC operatives led by Stacey and Dale Yorkes, to give the hotel's customers a reliable pretense to keep them locked down in their hotel rooms so that they would not be endangered by the Coven's witches who had begun their ritual on the rooftop of the hotel. Although Kirk opposed to their presence, the Yorkeses were able to distract him long enough by pretending he looked sick, enabling Geoffrey Wilder, Tina Minoru and Victor Stein to proceed with their mission, while Leslie Dean waited for them in the parking lot as the getaway driver.

Molly Hernandez is nearly killed by the Coven

Using a pair of X-Ray Specs, Stein was able to locate the witches surrounding Hernandez, with Minoru and Wilder waiting for the right moment to step in. As the ritual was initiated, Hernandez was struck by a flash of lightning summoned by the Coven, which briefly blinded Stein. Decidind that they could not afford to wait, and although Minoru advised against it, Wilder went to the rooftop and took Hernandez away from the witches. Since they were in the middle of an incantation, le Fay and her witches did not immediately attempt to stop him.

Tina Minoru lifts the spell on Molly Hernandez

Wilder then proceeded to bring Hernandez to the parking lot so she could be taken to safety. However, the witches had used a spell that caused her to regain consciousness and to act hostile towards PRIDE. As a result, using her superhuman strength, she violently projected Wilder onto a vent box, seriously wounding him. Minoru then arrived in time to lift the enchantment, causing Hernandez to return to her normal self. Dean then drove her van to them, and all of PRIDE was able to escape with Hernandez.[1]


PRIDE and the Runaways ally against the Coven

"Oh, my God, Molly, you're back! Oh, with our on‐again/off‐again evil parents."
Gert Yorkes to Molly Hernandez[src]

Having been rescued, Molly Hernandez returned to the Hostel, where she was reunited with the other Runaways. PRIDE went with her as well, causing parents and children to once again be reunited against a common enemy. Tina Minoru warned PRIDE and the Runaways that she had managed to read the sigils used by the Coven during their ritual, which meant that Morgan le Fay attempted to merge the Dark Dimension with Earth, an operation that had already begun despite Hernandez having been saved, since the witches had conjured enough energy from her. Therefore, PRIDE and the Runaways decided to ally and held a war meeting to discuss their plan, which would lead to the Battle at the Hostel.

Molly Hernandez's scarred body after the ritual

Faithful to her optimistic and resilient nature, Hernandez did not suffer a heavy trauma from the ritual she had been unwillingly involved into, despite having nearly died in the process. She was left with a large scar on her body due to the burn inflicted when the lightning bolt had struck her, which she considered with honor and pride as she saw it as a sign that le Fay had come after her before she was one of the strongest people she had encountered.

Wilder, on the other hand, was seriously affected by the wound he had suffered when Hernandez had attacked him due to the enthralment. He refused to go to a hospital though, and instead asked Stacey Yorkes for help. Wilder survived the wound, but was forced to remain in bed in order to not make it more serious, and thus could not take part in the following confrontation against the Coven.[1]