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"Your parents could be..."
"Running out of time. There's no debate on this. I blew up the one reason those Chronicoms had to keep them alive. I need to get in there now."
"There's another reason... It's a trap."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

The Rescue of John and Lilla Mackenzie was a successful attempt by Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez to rescue who they believed to be John and Lilla Mackenzie, but were in fact Chronicom Hunters.


"Alphonso Mackenzie's parents will force them into the Lighthouse. They are reckless."
"They have begun to bend under stress. You wish to overwhelm them."
Sibyl and Luke[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. learned about the Chronicom Hunters' plan to launch Project Insight on July 4, 1976, so they began a plan to destroy the project by flooding the Lighthouse, where it was launching out of. Two Chronicom Hunters replaced John and Lilla Mackenzie and were placed in a holding cell in the Lighthouse However, Alphonso Mackenzie saw who he believed to be his parents being held in a cell, and ordered Phil Coulson and Melinda May not to flood the base. Project Insight launched, and Alphonso, Enoch, and Jemma Simmons caused it to explode instead. While Coulson and May were arrested,[1] Alphonso and Yo-Yo Rodriguez planned to rescue Mackenzie's "parents."[2]


"If you do what we say and we keep moving, we will get you home."
Alphonso Mackenzie to John Mackenzie and Lilla Mackenzie[src]

Alphonso Mackenzie and Yo-Yo Rodriguez cut a whole in the side of the prison cell that the Chronicom Hunters disguised as John and Lilla Mackenzie were being held in. Alphonso went to hug "Lilla," and both Chronicoms feigned anger with him. Alphonso apologized and introduced Rodriguez, and Rodriguez referred to Alphonso as "Director Macklemore." Alphonso promised to get "John" and "Lilla" home, and started guiding them through the Lighthouse. "John" and "Lilla" asked why they would be taken from the grocery store, but Alphonso said that they weren't nobodies and that he couldn't explain further. He promised to get the to their plane safely.

Alphonso and Rodriguez arrived at a steel wall, prompting anger from "John" and "Lilla." Rodriguez comforted Alphonso, and "Lilla" said they had sons at home. Alphonso began working on forcing the locks to open, and asked "John" for help, and he agreed. They eventually got the door opened, but "John" got hurt, forcing him to hide his mechanical insides.

Chronicoms approached, and Alphonso began fighting them, throwing one of them through a wall while Rodriguez tried to force the door open and "Lilla" pretended to treat "John's" wound. Mackenzie fought Luke, and received assistance from Melinda May and Rick Stoner, who shot him. The door opened, and May, Rodriguez, Alphonso, "John," and "Lilla" left.[2]


"How are Ruben and I... doing with, uh... You know."
"Still hard. I mean, they were your parents. I don't think that pain ever goes away completely. But every day's a little easier, and your Uncle Marcus has been great. I think that you and Reuben are even closer in this timeline."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Deke Shaw[src]

In the Quinjet, Alphonso Mackenzie, Elena Rodriguez, and Melinda May began preparing to bring the Chronicom Hunters disguised as John and Lilla Mackenzie to Zephyr One, for safety. "John" feigned being impressed, and "Lilla" told stories about her sons. "John" thanked May for saving them and placed his hand on her shoulder, but she didn't feel anything despite her ability to absorb the emotions of people who she touches. She put the plane into autopilot and circled, telling Alphonso about her concern, realizing that they were Chronicoms.

The Chronicoms asked what was happening, and Alphonso insisted that "John" show his wound, prompting a fight between May, Alphonso, and Rodriguez and John and Lilla. "John" taunted Alphonso and Rodriguez snapped the Chronicom's neck. "Lilla" nearly choked May, but Alphonso saved her. May opened the door to the Quinjet, and "Lilla" used the real Lilla's nickname for Alphonso, but Mackenzie threw her out of the Quinjet anyway.[2]

When Zephyr One traveled to 1982,[3] Mackenzie left the ship, needing to process the emotions the rescue had put him through. Deke Shaw went to check on him, but the ship then time traveled a year to 1983, stranding Mackenzie and Shaw in 1982.[2]