"We had him pinned down, but the target escaped."
"He didn't escape. He was extracted."
Luther Banks and Rosalind Price[src]

The Rescue of Joey Gutierrez was a successful extraction mission undertaken by S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect newly-turned Inhuman Joey Gutierrez from the Advanced Threat Containment Unit.


"Do you take vitamins every day, Joey? Fish oil?"
"Not every day."
Daisy Johnson and Joey Gutierrez[src]

During the Inhuman Outbreak, people who swallowed Nature Max Supplements Fish Oil pills began acquiring powers. S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to recall the pills from stores, but not those already purchased.

Four newly-transformed Inhumans emerged; S.H.I.E.L.D. attempted to find them, but failed.


Joey Gutierrez took fish oil pills, as part of a plan to get in shape started by his ex-boyfriend. However, due to his Inhuman heritage, the fish oil pills, that were contaminated with Terrigen Mist, made Gutierrez undergo Terrigenesis. He emerged from his chrysalis with the power of liquefying metal, and unintentionally wreaked havoc in Seattle while trying to get to a hospital.[2]


"Thank you, Daisy, for not letting them shoot me in the head."
Joey Gutierrez to Daisy Johnson[src]

Joey Gutierrez left his house, shocked by his newfound ability. He wandered the streets of Seattle; however, whenever he moved, metal objects would liquefy and explode. While attempting to reach a hospital, he backed into the road and was almost run over by a car, to which he responded that he was sorry and that he did not know what was happening to him.

Joey's Powers

Gutierrez then leaned on a metal pipe, trying to focus, when the pipe started to melt. He stared at his hands in fear and shock, horrified and confused as to what he had become. He backed away from the pipe, but the entire scaffolding crumbled, fell over, and landed on a car. He then stumbled into the road again, and once again apologized that he had no idea what was happening, saying he just wanted to get to a hospital. However, Gutierrez was confronted by soldiers in black cars, sent by the Advanced Threat Containment Unit.

The men, led by Luther Banks, got out of their cars and ordered Gutierrez to put his hands in the air. Banks spoke to Rosalind Price; she ordered him to use lethal force if necessary. Hearing this, Gutierrez became frightened, stating that he was not trying to cause damage and that he needed help. The men then threatened to shoot him if he moved, ordering him to place his hands on the hood of a car. Gutierrez complied; however, when he touched the car it melted almost instantly, along with the men's guns. Scared, Gutierrez started to run but the car exploded, knocking him and the soldiers to the ground. Gutierrez then stood up and started running, but the soldiers began shooting at him. However, the men missed and Gutierrez ran into an alley, only to find that he could not escape from it. Instead, Gutierrez hid behind crates and hoped that the soldiers had not seen him.

Quake Attacks

However, Gutierrez was soon spotted and the ATCU started to advance on him. As they moved, the ground started to shake and Gutierrez watched as ATCU agents, along with a car, flew through the air past the alley. Daisy Johnson soon revealed herself as the cause, along with Lance Hunter and Alphonso Mackenzie. Johnson explained that she was with S.H.I.E.L.D. and that she was there to help Gutierrez, asking his name. Gutierrez told her, and Johnson tried to calm him down, explaining that S.H.I.E.L.D. was different from the others chasing him and that he would be safe with them.


Mackenzie set the locator for the Containment Module; once it arrived, Johnson told Gutierrez that the events of the day were a lot to take in, but he had to trust them. She then put Gutierrez in the container, and Hunter told him that they would be right there along with him. The doors then closed, and the container flew up and into Zephyr One. Mackenzie threw smoke grenades to block the ATCU from stopping them and the strategy worked, with the team leaving the ground and returning to Zephyr One before the ATCU entered the alley.[2]


"Find out who's running them. I'll handle the rest."
"Anyone in particular I should be looking at?"
"I have a few names. Meanwhile, tighten your belt so they don't catch you with your pants down again. This metamorphosis is becoming less rare. And I don't like that one of them got away."
Rosalind Price and Luther Banks[src]

Phil Coulson was able to get a picture of Rosalind Price, research her background, and discover that the ATCU was not responsible for the disappearance and deaths of four Inhumans.

301 38539

Joey Gutierrez arrived at the Playground and had tests run on him. Meanwhile, President Matthew Ellis announced to the world that he had started the Advanced Threat Containment Unit to take care of alien threats such as the Inhumans.[2]

Daisy Johnson wanted Gutierrez to join her Caterpillars program; the psychologist Andrew Garner was asked to assess him, but Gutierrez failed the assessment due to his inability to control his powers.[3]


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