"You certainly know how to pick your partners."
"Mr. Mink is a greedy blackmarket smuggler sure, but he got me back into the country and he's predictable in his greed; I like predictable, and I like greedy."
Peggy Carter and Howard Stark[src]

The Rescue of Howard Stark was the mission carried by Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis in order to save Howard Stark from Otto Mink's men.


"Did you knowingly sell military grade technology to enemies of the United States?"
"Not knowingly."
"Did you do it unknowingly?"
"Well, by definition, that would be impossible to answer."
―Senator Webster and Howard Stark[src]

When returning from a holiday trip in Monaco, Howard Stark learned that his inventions and weapons, notably the document on the explosive, nitramene, were stolen from his mansion. He had discovered that someone had cut a hole into the vault, and had put his plans for S.H.I.E.L.D. on hold due to the controversy. The United States Congress and Senator Webster held hearings for Stark to see if he was a traitor to America due to some weapons being found overseas.


Howard Stark goes into hiding from the SSR

At a congressional hearing, Stark attempted to defend himself in front of Webster, answering all questions honestly. His attempt to defend herself fell upon deaf ears since America believed he sold them to the Russian Army. Knowing that he was being framed and is unable to convince the government of his innocence, Stark decided to leave America and head overseas to Europe. Before leaving the states, Stark called upon his close friend and Strategic Scientific Reserve agent Peggy Carter to find the weapons and the document on Nitramene before it could be sold to the black market. Due to Stark not showing up to the hearings, he was labeled a traitorous fugitive, and put on the SSR's most wanted list. [1]


"Get in."
"What? I hate small spaces. What if the chain snaps and I fall to my death?"
"Don't worry. I'll never reveal that Howard Stark's dead body is lying rotting in the bottom of a dumbwaiter shaft."
Peggy Carter and Howard Stark[src]

Upon returning to Peggy Carter and Edwin Jarvis from the train car, Otto Mink's henchman ordered his butler to raise the money to $150,000 instead of $50,000, due to smuggler becoming greedy. Carter knocked out Mink's subordinates, and rescued Howard Stark alongside Jarvis, driving away from the train car.[3]



Otto Mink kills his henchman for their betrayal

"The time for money's passed. No one crosses me."
"You want them dead? I'll kill Stark and Peggy!"
"No, I'll take care of it."
Otto Mink and his henchman.[src]

Returning to Howard Stark's home, the trio saw the SSR having staked out his home, and decided to hide in the Griffith Hotel for safety. Otto Mink's men returned to him with the money, but told him stories of Stark's butler being aided with a woman named Peggy Carter. Mink knew they were lying due to the story changing, and shot them with his automatic pistol. No longer caring for the money, Mink decided to kill both Stark and Carter, and learned who the latter was.

Mink learned the location she and Stark were hiding, and decided to wait for the two show up to the hotel to assassinate them. That afternoon, Mink stumbled into a young woman who asked him was he lost. Mink ordered the woman to return to her room, and when she refused, he threatened her with his pistol. Unbeknownst to Mink, the woman was a undercover Soviet spy going under the alias Dorothy "Dottie" Underwood, and she asked to take his weapon. Mink was killed afterword by having his neck snapped by the spy. Underwood hid his body in her room underneath her bed, collected his pistol, and presumably disposed his corpse.[4]


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