"He's gonna get killed either here or in jail. Either one, he doesn't deserve. Will you please help me get him out?"
Amy Bendix to Karen Page and Dinah Madani[src]

The Rescue of Frank Castle was a failed attempt by Frank Castle and Dinah Madani to escape from New York City Police Department.


"Listen to me, Frank. We have to get out of here before they come."
"You need to leave now."
"Who's "they"?"
""They" is every hitman in New York. There's a five million dollar bounty on our heads, and it's pretty easy to collect with you cuffed to a bed."
Amy Bendix, Frank Castle, and Karen Page[src]

Jigsaw murders and leaves the three women

Preparing an ambush for the Punisher, Billy Russo went ahead and murdered three women, leaving them at the Valhalla. As Castle infiltrated into the warehouse, he was confronted by Jigsaw's Crew led by Russo. Castle was severely beaten and tortured by the crew members but managed to fight back and killed most of them. Russo escaped the facility, leaving Castle with the dead bodies, convincing him that the women were murdered by him.[2]

The New York City Police Department SWAT unit led by Brett Mahoney stormed the Valhalla and found Castle with the dead bodies. Mahoney arrested Castle and brought him to the Sacred Saints Hospital where he was given medical attention due to his severe wounds. Investigating the crime scene, Mahoney concluded that the women were actually shot down by Castle, so the NYPD left him at the hospital for recovery before taking him to the precinct.

The Punisher Season 2 Frank and Karen

Punisher is met up with Karen Page

Amy Bendix, Karen Page, and Dinah Madani visited Castle in his room, with Bendix insisting that they need to get him out of there, as all mercenaries and hitmen in New York City would come to kill Castle while he was defenseless. Meanwhile, Madani and Page asked Ed Zatner to take a look at the bodies of women "murdered" by Castle, only to find out that they were, in fact, murdered by Russo, so Castle was not guilty.[3]


"Don't test me, you son of a bitch. I shoot you now, nobody's gonna bat an eye. Drop it, Madani. Don't try no shit."
Brett Mahoney[src]

While Frank Castle still was cuffed in his room, under the NYPD's guard, he was visited by O'Rourke. O'Rourke informed him that he was a member of the Kitchen Irish and his brother was killed by Castle, so he came to murder Castle for revenge and reward. Castle refused to resist and allowed O'Rourke to do what he intended to do. O'Rourke prepared to inject Castle with poison, only to be stopped by Amy Bendix.


Officer O'Rourke attacks Amy Bendix

O'Rourke fought back and was going to strangle Bendix to death but was knocked out by Dinah Madani. Madani and Karen Page informed Castle that he did not murder that women and it was Billy Russo. Castle was ready to get his revenge on Russo, however, they realized that if O'Rourke managed to pass through the NYPD, other hitmen could do it, so Castle needed to escape.


The NYPD finds O'Rourke in the hospital bed

Just in time, as John Pilgrim arrived at the Sacred Saints Hospital to eliminate Castle, Page turned on the fire alarm, causing the evacuation of the hospital. Meanwhile, Brett Mahoney and the NYPD officers found unconscious O'Rourke and ordered the officers to secure the exits and search the hospital for Castle. Wearing O'Rourke's uniform, Castle was escorted out of the hospital by Madani, however, Mahoney noticed Page's presence and guessed that she assisted Castle to escape.

Mahoney rushed to the exit and confronted Madani and Castle while they attempted to flee the scene. Although Madani tried to reason with Mahoney, he ignored all her words and said that her decision just ruined her entire career in the Homeland Security. Mahoney then disarmed and handcuffed Castle, getting him in the ambulance and driving to the 15th Precinct Police Station.[3]



Brett Mahoney captures Frank Castle in an ambulance

"I'm a simple man, you know? I got you, now I'm locking you up. I don't give a shit about whatever unholy deals were made between you and Madani, Russo, Homeland, the goddamn Illuminati, whatever."
Brett Mahoney to Frank Castle[src]

While Brett Mahoney was driving the ambulance with Frank Castle to the 15th Precinct Police Station, he was called up by Dinah Madani who informed Mahoney that there were powerful and dangerous people after Castle. Mahoney refused to listen to Madani and kept driving to the precinct, asking the NYPD for backup. However, they were attacked by John Pilgrim who stole the police vehicle and began shooting at them in an attempt to kill Castle.

Frank saving Brett

Frank Castle saves Brett Mahoney from an explosion

While Mahoney attempted to ram Pilgrim off the road, Pilgrim crashed his car into their side, attempting to drive them off the road. Pilgrim attempted to follow Castle and Mahoney to finish them, only to be confronted by Madani. Castle then managed to escape the ambulance but noticed that crashed ambulance was now leaking fuel near a fire, so he saved Mahoney right before the explosion. Mahoney was too injured and unable to stop Castle who left him at the road and escaped.[4]


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